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Workplace Happiness – A Key to Improving Productivity

workplace happiness
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Workplace happiness can decide the level of productivity in any establishment.

The average American works from 43 to 51 hours per week, according to the American Dream Project.

Are we classed as more productive than in other countries?

Unfortunately, the United States is ranked 8th in the world. We are lower than countries like France, Norway, and Italy.

What is strange about that is that these countries all work fewer hours.

What can we do to help us to become far more productive?

The main thing to remember is that the average person is productive for only 5 hours a day. However, our average working day is 8 hours, so that means there are 3 hours where we are completely useless.

With fewer breaks being taken and even fewer vacations than before. We are slowly becoming less and less productive.

It is a good thing to take into consideration that a higher living standard and happiness are not the same thing. The high standards of living that Americans want, mainly demand longer working hours and a far higher habit of spending large.

This standard certainly doesn’t make us more productive, and it doesn’t make us happy. It exhausts us and stresses us out more.

The American Dream Project, states that the stress in trying to create this high-flying lifestyle is actually, just exhausting us. When we are tired, we are even less productive.

This lifestyle pushes us into participating habits which does not promote happiness!

What needs to change are the employers- so what should they do to promote workplace happiness?

Your employees should be your main priority.

The Great Place to Work Institute has researched workplaces.

They found that companies with the happiest employees are the most productive. Despite the popular saying, “money doesn’t buy happiness,” especially in the workplace.

It has been proven that there is no link between happiness and earning $50’000 per year.

What is actually valued and viewed as workplace happiness by an employee is less stress, trust and the feeling that they matter.

If this is true, what can employers do to improve workplace happiness?

First thing first, instilling a sense of trust and care within their company. To execute this, a management team is needed to help construct and maintain this relationship with their employees.

Something that could be used to enhance the company’s experience is to provide a concierge service. These services develop and improve the employee’s benefits and experience working at the company.

It is an encouraging step forward, which shows the employees that their employer cares about them and what they need to be more productive. This helps to develop loyalty and trust and increases workplace happiness.

This is a relatively cheap way of catering to your employees’ needs and is a useful way of lowering employees’ stress.

A company-funded study showed that 62% of employees would like to have help in just finishing projects. They believe that this would lessen the impact of stress on their life.

Another 50% stated that they would pay to be able to spend more time with their family.

Happiness is not tied to money; however to lifestyle. This has been proven by statistics provided by the American Dream Projects.

If you think your company is lacking in productivity and loyalty, it might be worth considering looking into how you can improve your employees’ work life.

Having a look into concierge services might provide that improvement to the work environment.

Creating a positive and productive work space and an overall workplace happiness

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