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Why Nursing is the Backbone of Health Care

Why Nursing is the Backbone of Health Care
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Nursing is considered to be a job that becomes needed during the recession.

That is because the medical care budget cannot be reduced when the economy is going through hard times.

Rich people get sick and injure just like poor people.

Medical care is a necessity in today’s society, and when you are sick and in need of medical attention, you are not thinking about medical bills and expenses.

The need for qualified nurses is growing at a higher rate than for most other professions.

Healthcare workers are needed in hospitals, physician offices, and home health care agencies.

Nurses can also find employment in schools, community health departments, and other institutions that provide medical care.

The growing need for healthcare

The factor that contributes the most to the rising demand for more nurses is the increasingly aging population.

The baby boomers are getting older, and as they are retiring, the need for medical care grows consequently.

Older patients require more attention than younger ones.

This leads to an increasing demand for nurses willing to work in the long term care setting.

The medical costs are rising too because of the technological development, which leads to better treatment of most conditions but comes at a price.

Statistically, patients spend less time in the hospital than ever.

Once they are released, they continue their treatment in a nursing facility or their home.

Many home health agencies used to employ registered nurses to visit their in-home patients, and with medical costs on the rise, the nurses are becoming most wanted medical professionals out there.

Recession-proof really?

While nursing is one of the most wanted professions, many nursing graduates are unemployed.

Some of these people are not satisfied with the wages in their areas.

For others, the only available jobs require working in shifts, which is not a good option for many people.

To best position yourself in the nursing market, make sure that you take some precautionary steps.

Get a bachelor’s degree

Getting your bachelor’s degree is very worthwhile, and it will benefit you in your future career.

Many healthcare institutions require all senior positions employees to have a four-year degree, and if you want to advance in your career, getting a bachelor’s degree is a must.

Enroll in a nurse practitioner program

Pursuing a degree is very affordable these days, as many hospitals offer tuition reimbursement.

By becoming a nurse practitioner who can diagnose and treat just like a doctor, you increase your chances to meet great career opportunities.


A specialization program is a great way to distinguish yourself in the job market.

Any field you work in today requires continuing education and practice, and it is a wise choice to become a specialist in your field of work.


Go out there and get to know your colleagues.

It is easier to find available job opportunities if you have a network of people who support each other.

Understand that although the nursing pay today might be secure, there is no guarantee that it will remain that way.

Hospitals are always searching for ways to cut their costs, so at one point, your salaries and hours may be reduced, and your patient load may increase.

When this happens, the job can become very stressful.

The key is in a balance

Increased demand for nurses leaves many professionals working long hours.

Jobs paid on a daily basis is a lucrative opportunity for nurses who want to spend more time with their families.

More people are choosing a nursing career, as they realize that it offers job security.

We will have to wait and see is if the supply of new nurses will keep up with the demand.

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