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Why Is A Supply Chain Management Degree So Special?

Supply Chain Management Degree
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Mastering modern economy means understanding every link in a chain that keeps the global market running, and to do that you will need to get your supply chain management degree.

If you got it, the truck brought it. Or a ship, train or an airplane.

The supply chain is usually identified with logistics and transportation, but it is a much bigger concept. It encompasses every action from acquiring raw materials for production to making and distributing the final product.

Naturally, transport plays a big role in the international economy, where transportation costs are an important input of a cost price. Knowing how to combine different modes of transportation to reduce shipping costs and optimize delivery time is a daily concern of a supply chain manager.

Recognizing the global trend and the need for sustainable and recyclable raw materials is what can give you an edge over your competitors. It is not just about the quality of raw materials anymore, but about the environmental impact and a carbon footprint that they produce.

As a manager with a supply chain management degree, you will be trained to monitor these trends and make decisions that minimize the costs and save time for your company. You will broker deals with logistics companies to ensure smooth transportation via fast and reliable trade routes.

You will use SCM software to ensure proper manipulation of stock supplies and warehouse management. When you are running a multinational corporation, these costs can have a negative impact on your profit if not properly managed.

Your job is to identify the most important processes in the company and perfect them by reducing all possible costs, simplifying the procedures, and implementing innovations. As a business system grows, it becomes more complicated, and you need to find a way to ensure proper and clear communication on all organizational levels.

You will learn about this and much more useful ideas by studying for your supply chain management degree. Use that opportunity and learn how to upgrade your business to perfection.

How Can You Get A Degree In Supply Chain Management?

Like any other bachelor’s degree, a study in the supply chain management lasts approximately four years. There are many opportunities for specialization in different areas, so many students choose to continue their education into master studies.

Prepare to learn all about supply chain design and planning and procurement and supply management. You will master warehouse design and management, freight transportation, and distribution network design and planning.

You will know the basics of operating with SCM software and inventory management and control. supply chain management degree will also teach you the importance of multi-modal transportation in global trade.

Mastering Incoterms is just the beginning of your journey through the science of international transport and logistics. Learn how business practice evolved to produce standardized rules of conduct in international trade.

Warehousing, shipping, and logistics had become so specialized and perfected. Today, there are multiple corporations and companies specialized in just one aspect of these operations, like ocean transporters, or LTL carriers.

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By studying Supply Chain Management you will be introduced to:

  • Logistics and transportation
  • Retail Supply Chain
  • Warehouse management system and WMS software
  • Inventory management
  • International Supply Chain Management

To get your supply chain management degree, you need to choose a great school with a good reputation and a solid Supply Chain Management program. Many schools are offering great programs regarding the supply chain, as this is the area in global expansion.

To help you find the right school, we developed our college search tool. Use this tool to browse through the schools across the nation until you find the right one, where you will continue your education.

Online courses provide a great source of information to broaden your knowledge about supply chain management. You can even choose to get your diploma online if you prefer this type of education.

This way, you gain more independence and a flexible schedule when pursuing your supply chain management degree. Just make sure that you pick the school and program that is accredited to provide online courses.

What You Can Do With A Degree In Supply Chain Management?

As supply chain manager you will be responsible to raise the level of customer service by ensuring that the right goods are delivered at the right time and the right place. You will guarantee the quality and quantity of the goods as well as delivery time.

Your actions will be aimed at reducing costs by decreasing purchasing and production costs as well as costs of warehousing and manipulation of goods. This way, you will improve the company’s financial position and increase the cash flow.

As a transportation expert with a supply chain management degree, you will monitor the trends in the development of global transportation networks. Constant changes in regulations and the emergence of different modes of transportation, constantly change the landscape of modern logistics.

You might be in charge of a team of inventory managers whose responsibility is to handle supplies and exercise inventory control. Your communication and leadership skills and the knowledge of WMS software will be put to a test.

Working in international companies requires knowledge of global logistics, so you will make deals with freight companies to ensure the most effective transportation of goods. You will know how to conduct import, export, and re-export business deals with speed and efficiency.

A supply chain management degree teaches you how to dismantle business to its basic ingredients and perfect each and every one of them.

Connecting People

People, goods, and services are more connected than ever before. A global network of trade routes wouldn’t be possible without a modern concept of supply chain management.

If you want to witness the innovations in global transport and warehouse systems and distribution, get your supply chain management degree.

Become a part of a system that is connecting people around the globe in their quest to make goods and services delivered in the fastest and easiest way possible.

Interested in a degree in this field? Our College Search Tool makes it quick and easy to find a school offering what you are looking for. Give It A Try!

Colleges Offering Supply Chain Management Degrees

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