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What To Do When Nothing Is Working Out

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You may fall into a category of people who are having a tough time, and decisions are just not going their way. You may be wondering what to do when nothing is working out.

Well, if you think this is a situation peculiar to you then you should take a seat, have a rethink, and a different view.

We all have a mutual upbringing, where we are in constant comparison to others. There is a stipulated time to study, graduate from college, get married, acquire wealth and start making babies.

This does not end with us as our children also pick up from where we stopped and board the same ship.

Whenever we feel left behind by others in terms of achievements, we are faced with a rush of anxiety and despair. We utilize every means necessary to achieve this goal while having in mind that things might not turn out as expected. Well, the result is usually the expected turnout, it doesn’t work out.

Your constant despair for something causes those ‘desire’ vibrations to be released into the world, and you only end up with wants and little success.

Keep in mind that a huge mistake you can make today is comparing your life to others. You have to understand that your plans and theirs are completely different, and things may work out differently for you.

Constant worry about the poor turnout of events compared to others only creates a reality for that time, which is; these things are just not working in your favor. Your reality is unique; don’t expect the same result as others.

Take the first to create a better perspective by understanding what triggers your present state of mind.

You have been comparing your life to others yet, no positive results. Learn to accept this simple truth. Your life is on a different path compared to others.

Learn to love who you are, enjoy your current circumstance and accept that things are exactly how they should be.

Let that “WILL” belief guide you and help you succeed; this may not necessarily be the inexact way you imagined. Maybe the universe wants you on a different path, and you WILL eventually get there.

Have that unwavering belief that things may not necessarily turn out as you imagined but would turn out to be in your favor nonetheless.

You should create your meaning of success and do not let your happiness be dependent on the things happening around you.

Make a move today, but try not to get entangled in a constant battle to control every event in your life.

Trust God to help you attain your goal and make sure to do all you can.

Watch how secured and happy you’d become after doing this, the peace it brings to your heart and mind is priceless.

Eventually, you would be favored.

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