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What is Creativity? – Taking A Closer Look

what is creativity
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What is creativity? Do you possess a creative mindset?

The month of September brings an end to summer and gives way to autumn. We also witness the start of a variety of business ideas, a new school year, life, and many other new beginnings.

Several people often discuss with me their challenges, maintaining their enthusiasm, or consistently investing the necessary energy needed to execute a project. This is the reason I will be discussing with you, methods of improving creativity daily.

Creativity increases daily output and experiences as well as the view of what you engage in, adding color to your everyday endeavors and a fulfilled life.

What is creativity then?

A crucial question.

Everyone is bound to be creative; it is all about reaching new heights and making new connections.

What is creativity? Well, additionally, we can refer to creativity as the mind’s growing edge.

This is a period of discovery.

Making new connections involve developing brain power and mental and social flexibility what can begin to improve your ability to multitask without challenges.

Every single time you create a connection between two things, you give life to a third body. This new connection can also be linked with other ideas. The effects this can have on the brain are endless.

The Neil Armstrong expedition on the moon in 1965 was a breathtaking event that changed the thoughts and beliefs of everyone around the globe. It gave humans the thoughts that impossibility was nothing, and if we developed measures to achieve anything, then we can.

I also believe the event gave people around the globe liberating and inspiring thoughts about human abilities. Recently, I heard on the radio about plans to land on planet Mars. Guess it’s high time I went for my space training because I’ve always wanted to be an astronaut.

Understanding what is creativity on an individual level has as much potential as the connection made between two things. The ability to exceed both gives way to an endless possibility of creating new ideas about yourself and your potentials.

This reminds me of my first encounter with NLP, as well as hypnosis and other courses. I was enthusiastic about this that I studied enough materials that could expand my brain, literally.

That isn’t a bad thing, right?

I enjoy working with kids. You could picture their imaginations. My days playing football for hours as a kid and my imagination about scoring in the World Cup final was pretty intense.

Scoring that wonderful goal at Wembley Stadium and I am telling you this, I was there! We all have been kids at one point in our lives, and quite frankly some of us are still are, but we can all say at this stage our creative imagination was so high.

The discovery of the environment they find themselves in helps them create their definition.

New words are formed when kids play with their toys; they don’t need to be given expensive or huge toys to achieve this as the meaning comes from within.

What is creativity? We can as well say it entails giving yourself the freedom, time, and passion, which forms new connections and links.

Creativity is all about the process and not necessarily the result. One can be creative at home, school, or work, developing new habits, behavioral change, resolving disputes, or simply making the world a better place in your little way.

Creativity is not restricted to your words, thoughts, and ideas, as well as the actions you take or the kinds of food you eat. Creativity revolves around your inner world and your surroundings.

Additionally, creativity gives birth to new ideas, thoughts, events, etc. This may well be a familiar ingredient.

Let’s take a good example, which is insight; this could be seen as a form of creativity because the new conclusion is derived from previous information already at your disposal.

The new perspective gives it a modern look.

Creativity above everything returns us to that state of mind where we score goals at the World Cup finals.

Creativity involves absorbing and finding joy doing what you love, visualizing, having fun, concentration on every detail, and developing the “what would happen” thoughts.

What is creativity? Well, you have your answers now.

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