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What Is A Goal?

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You may be asking “What Is a Goal?”

A goal is a motivation in life it is the difference between “here” and “there.”

It sees things around us as easy, difficult, funny, tempting, irritating, and at times, mysterious.

Our mind does not want to bother about such things, and so many of our goals remain behind this unsolved segment in our mind.

It is about Confidence Building

Is there a way to unlock these mysterious chapters of our lives?

If so, how we do that?

You understand that not all goals get behind this unknown, secretive door. There are many small things out in the open for us that we achieve daily.

We set targets for ourselves such as “Have a bath in the morning” or “Eat breakfast on time.” Though, we do not have any “written agreement” here. However, we achieve these targets daily.

These small goals give us the confidence to go on to bigger things.

The big goals are the ones that matter the most.

These are not common things like eating breakfast. These individual targets remain different for each of us.

One among us likes to become a doctor. He studies for his entrance test to get selected into a medical college.

Another wants to be an engineer, he studies to get admission into an engineering college.

These goals shape our long-term life plan. We need to spend some time thinking about what we want to be, say, five or ten years from now.

You must decide something like I will become a web designer, or I will learn a new language.

So, how do we work on these big goals? It starts with motivation.

What is Motivation?

Take a look at some of the busy people around us. Yes, they seem to remain motivated. They are always doing something and this motivation is the goal.

You know you can actually find out what these busy guys are up to by setting one or two goals for yourself?

Go ahead and try it.

Take a small task like getting up at 5 o’clock in the morning. Once we get success in this, we will get inspired to try for the bigger things.

Start Emulating the Spirit of Other People

It works well for some but other people seem to find trouble sticking with it. They let their goals slip back into those realms of grey, mysterious horizons that vanish beyond the blues.

If this happens, remember, other people, are doing unsolved things while you are not.

Here one can use “Emulation technique.”

We see how big achievers reach their goals of building a financial empire or starting and flourishing in a business. You can follow their example, tell yourself “Look at Tom! How well he works!” Or, “Cynthia will never be sitting down when she does work.”

This is a kind of follow-the-leader, but you do not copy them exactly. We use their success to spur us on.

The first thing to do is to make a plan that we can hold in your hand.

It might be alright for Elon Musk to say, “I will send a rocket to Mars,” and he succeeds in this. You or I cannot say that. We have to break it down into various goals. I will get a second-hand rocket. Then, I will raise money to send it to Mars.

Every goal we achieve is like this. We break them down into small pieces to make these plans work.

You will Slip One Step when You Take Two

There is always a good part of you that wants to work and then there is a bad guy that wants to sleep. We all sleep sometimes, but achievers and successful people sleep a little less.

Their good parts are always waking them up with some new target and a new horizon to conquer.

Things you do towards getting to your target is your success. Like, reading this article and since it becomes a success for me as well, we can both take credit for reaching our goal.

It is not about setting goals alone…yes, you have to achieve them.

This works well if you have realistic goals like cutting down on your lunch meal portions. However, it will not work if you set it as “Skiing in the Alps” unless you happen to live in Switzerland.

Start now by setting a task to do a house chore you have been putting off and do it.

Keep moving forward with small plans, targets, and winning all the time.

This way you make big goals and win.

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