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There are several easy steps one can apply to get an interview for a dream job.

A simple call can help you secure that interview.

There are several techniques used to get an interview. This depends on the type of organization you are targeting.

Get familiar with the organization recruiting process before taking that bold move.

Common with most organizations, jobs are posted on different media outlets such as newspapers and online job search engines. A medium of communication is often attached to these ads.

You don’t want to find yourself sending emails for a job that requires your physical presence or call an organization that accepts only faxed resumes.

The moment you break this first rule set by the organization, you certainly won’t get a call or get an interview for the available position. You’ve just shown your prospective employers your disregard for simple instructions.

If you get a job recommendation from a friend for a job that hasn’t been publicized, kindly ask your friend to help submit your resume along with the cover letter.

Your friend may not be an employee of the supposed organization; this is where you need to put a call through to the company and make necessary inquiries concerning the available position and application procedures.

The four major job application techniques to help you get an interview include these primary strategies.

Sending a Resume

Some companies prefer applicants mailing in their resume while others welcome email. In most cases, it’s a great idea to attach a cover letter along with the resume. In your cover letter, state your skills and qualifications as well as the position of interest.

Your cover letter is like a doorway to the resume. Ensure to know the recipient of a cover letter before writing.

Addressing your cover letter with “Dear Sir/Ma” or “To whom it may concern” shows the recipient how unprepared you are or uncertain of the position you are applying for.

Most recruiters or employers find this impolite, and you may eventually not get an interview at that organization.

Emailing Your Resume

This is a common practice lately among recruiters. The majority of the organizations out there offer this method as a choice of receiving resumes.

There are some useful tips on how to email your resume.

Your resume should either be in a PDF file or word document.

These are the generally accepted formats of most organizations; the subject should read like: James, Matthew (Engineering Consultant)

When a cover letter is written this way, it gives the recipient an idea of who sent the letter and concerning what role the letter was sent, thereby giving a certainty your mail will be checked.

There are different methods specific to each organization in terms of addressing an emailed resume; there are some companies that follow strict subject line requirements.

When a company requests you to paste your resume, do precisely that and avoid sending attachments as this may result in your resume getting discarded.

Faxing Your Resume

Cover letters must be included when faxing your resume. Add your contact information if you don’t have a personal fax machine.

The same rules apply for a cover letter and emailing a resume.

Walk-In Resume

This type of application requires a neat and formal appearance, just the same way you would appear for an interview.

Organizations often request this from applicants who may be hired to work directly with clients and would like to take note of your outward appearance.

Ensure you are well groomed on this day because recruiters may give you a brief interview immediately, which often determines if you will be invited for a formal interview. Be on your best behavior.

Your appearance is your cover letter for walk-ins, look sharp. Applicants are mostly given an application form to fill out.

Wear a smile always and maintain courtesy irrespective of who you may be interacting with. These little things could make all the difference.

Calling for an Interview

Some companies demand applicants to put a call through to schedule an interview. These types of positions usually are sales-related or jobs that may be difficult applying any other way.

This is a common practice with positions that requires you on the phone often, which gives employers a view of your attitude over the phone.

Ensure to speak with courtesy and be cautious of your utterances.

Be mentally prepared for any question thrown at you, and maintain decency.

A way of approaching a telephone interview could be:

“Hello, Mrs. Kate, I am Frank Edwards. I am calling with regards to your online ads about the supervisory position.”

Whenever the question of experience or job history is thrown at you, ensure to respond quickly and state how long you’ve been working and state your duties as a staff of that company.

Apply these simple steps if your goal is to get an interview for that dream position.

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