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Various Types of Interviews

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Discovering the right fit between employers and prospective employees is the aim of every job interview. Applicants should prepare themselves for any number of different types of interviews.

These are techniques employed by hiring managers recruiting for jobs across the US.

Screening Interview

This type of interview is conducted by the human resources department to separate qualified candidates from the unqualified. Delivering facts concerning your skills play a significant role in comparison to creating rapport.

There is a process duly followed to uncover applicants’ discrepancies in resumes and questioning qualifications. Answer only questions being asked and avoid giving unnecessary information.

This information could hurt your interview going forward.


The one-on-one stage is also among the different types of interviews, which means you have established yourself as being capable of taking on the vacant position.

The interviewer seeks to find out from you if your skills match the organization’s requirements and how these skills complement other areas in the sector.

What is expected of you is the establishment of rapport between you and the interviewer. Show the interviewer your unique qualities and qualifications for the position.

Stress Interview

This form of interview is conducted to test the patience and interpersonal relationship prospective applicants possess. Expect anything on that interview day, take everything lightly and keep your composure.

Each question thrown at you should be answered carefully. If you have any hard time understanding any question, ask for clarification. This is better and giving quick responses that may have adverse effects on results.

There are also times when interviewers maintain a long silence, do not be weary as this is a common, intimidating approach.

Maintain your silence during this period; ask if the interview needs any clarification on your previous answers.

Lunch Interview

Though the lunch interview setting may appear more casual than the contemporary office setting, the same rules apply still.

Applicants should be careful of this setting because you may become too relaxed when being interviewed, develop common ground with your interviewer.

Take note of your interviewer’s meal selection and follow suit for these types of interviews.

Committee Interview

This type of interview is uncommon; here, you meet board members of an organization who have a say on who or not gets hired.

Whoever asks you a question among the board members, try and answer them directly. You don’t necessarily need to speak to the whole group. Some committee interviews may require you to prove some of your problem-solving abilities.

These types of interviews could require your knowledge and skills in resolving real-life scenarios.

Group Interview

This form of interview is often formulated to uncover leadership qualities in prospective employees who will handle public presentations.

Those who are at the forefront in these types of interviews are gathered in a casual and discussion-oriented interview.

Interviewers begin the discussion by bringing up random discussions.

This form of interview aims to test your social interaction with others and the techniques used to win the mind of others in the room.

A good result in this interview is one step closer to getting hired, expect to get a call for another thorough interview.

Get acquainted with these types of interviews and walk boldly into any session.

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