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Understand The Secret of Happiness

secret of happiness
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How would you define happiness?

There has been a recent search for the short-lived emotion of “being happy” and some of these questions being; where can happiness be found, how is happiness created, and what exactly is happiness?

Let me reveal a secret to you today; happiness is not restricted to a few who were born with it.

The truth about happiness is, you can’t find it in the best restaurants or somewhere on a yacht, you can’t put it somewhere for safe-keeping or scoop from it. And no, it can’t be found on that hourglass body.

You see those amazing love stories actors portray on television? You won’t find happiness there.

Those images you see on your screens will have you believing happiness arrives the moment you purchase the best homes or fancy cars. Do not be mistaken.

You can get lost in the thought of attaching happiness to that ‘right person.’ You may think when you finally find that special someone, they would bring a box containing nothing but happiness. This gives you the wrong idea that happiness can only be achieved from the outside.

This is where the misconception lies? The secret to achieving genuine happiness is a result of developing and living a productive life. True happiness is derived from doing what you love, your desired location and sharing these moments with those you wish.

You are probably saying to yourself right now – “how do I get my dream job when I would have to go through 8 years of school, I want to move but how do I relocate when I can’t afford my dream home and if I had my way of choosing whoever to hang out with I definitely would choose Warren Buffet of Oprah”.

You just authenticated my theory.

The truth about happiness is, start by believing your life is totally in your hands; this leads to making the right choices, which gives you that feeling of satisfaction.

Happiness is derived from the decision that you ‘will’ spend eight years in school if that’s what it requires. You also ‘will’ arrange your life until you are financially capable of moving to your desired location. That YOU would decide on who to shake hands with, how much to laugh, the genre of music to listen to, and who to go out with and that is including Warren and Oprah.

Making the right choices, choosing who to spend time with, what you choose to learn, what goes into your body, all this is what happiness encompasses. This is necessary because when you feel comfortable with space you find yourself in when you spend time with people of interest who also hold you in high regard when you work on projects that interest you, then happiness will glow right through.

This is no secret.

Decide to stop pursuing happiness but rather choose three things that are of interest to you, that adds to your feeling of total well-being and satisfaction. Create time for these things, possibly each day or at least every week.

This could take only 10 minutes of your time each day, and it doesn’t necessarily need to take a large chunk of your time. You are guaranteed to derive happiness from these 10 minutes.

This is also no secret.

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