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Tomorrow’s Happiness Begins Today

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The works we put in today would determine the amount of happiness we would derive tomorrow.

You can create wealth and still not find happiness; some fail to realize that wealth also comes with its challenges. Some spend a lifetime hoping on the arrival of happiness, but it never shows up.

Every individual must strive to create happiness. Your happiness isn’t tied to your bank account. Happiness is not physical but rather emotional. It is simply a state of mind.

According to the author of Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Richard Bach, who rightly states that “if your happiness depends on what somebody else does, I guess you do have a problem.”

You first have to understand where happiness originates from to be genuinely happy. Memories are to the mind what the mirror is to the eyes – a reflection. Memories reflect our emotions while the mirror reflects our physical appearance.

The mirror gives you a picture of yourself while the mind is a total reflection of your person. The major difference between these two is, your physical appearance can be changed, but memories reflected in your mind stays forever.

We spend a lot of time trying to change our physical appearance and forgetting to develop our thoughts. Memories are made with each action you take. Do you think the man you saw today with an angry face was a happy fellow yesterday?

When a person does or acts unacceptably towards us, we have the option to add to this hurtful memory by giving a negative response, or we can choose to stay positive and create a positive memory.

To ensure happiness tomorrow, be cautious about your actions today. Today’s action reflects tomorrow’s memories, and this can’t be disregarded.

Each action taken today will have a reflection on tomorrow. When next a person annoys you, do not reciprocate in the same manner, but instead, imagine yourself holding up a mirror that bounces the reflection back at him having at the back of your mind that his actions are not your reflection but his.

You desire to like what you see in the mirror, don’t you? Well, to be genuinely happy, you also must like what is reflected in your mind. There is a major difference between both reflections which makes one more powerful than the other — the mirror, which reflects our appearance while the mind reflects both our words and actions.

What do you intend filling with your reflection?

Do you intend filling your reflections/memories with cheerfulness and kindness or anger and disdain?

What notable action have you taken today that will guarantee your happiness tomorrow?

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