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Tips For Overcoming Depression

overcoming depression
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This article gives an insight into overcoming depression.

My decision to change the perspective I had about life in a general paved the way for genuine happiness after my long history with depression. Now I live each day with a sense of fulfillment and fewer worries.

Do you care to know how I achieved this? I will explain it.

As the years went by, mostly in my twenties, I developed the habit of always comparing my life to others, such as friends.

I had this feeling my life was heading nowhere while my friends had everything going for them. I felt left behind in everything like I had nothing to look up to in life.

I felt unlucky and constantly felt sorry for myself. Negative past experiences had affected both my self-esteem and self-confidence. All this culminated in my depression.

These challenges numbered from my weight, I constantly stutter and was bald. Did I mention the height problem? Oh yes, I was shorter than most men out there.

I was always in a depressive state and found it difficult to crawl out from this hole. Take my stuttering challenge; for example, it was quite difficult making new friends, and gaining employment would drain everything in me.

I was barely twenty-one years old when my hair turned grey.

I got tired of these depressive moods and decided to take that step to give my life a new meaning. I decided to stay positive no matter what life threw at me. My thought process had to change, as well as my perspective on everything.

I knew how tough this might be, but it was a necessity. I began by reading different self-help books and books detailing the various steps to take in overcoming depression.

I got to understand how unnecessary worrying was; it only made things more difficult. Life is all about giving it your best shot; in the end you can always beat your chest and say, “I tried.”

Always have this at the back of your mind; you only live once. Life could end the very next day, so take every day like it’s your last and have fun.

I experienced significant growth when I stopped comparing the lives of my friends to mine and compare them to those I was reading about in my self-help books and those on my television.

I got to understand how lucky I’ve been upon discovering the major disasters around the globe and the millions of people living in under-developed countries. How nice of me.

A major step I applied to help me in overcoming depression, I switch on the television anytime I get in those depressive states. This helps me forget my depressive mood.

For those battling more serious depression, here is a great online resource that can help.

If your depression is being caused by alcohol or drug addiction, you can call 1-619-304-2446 to get help. You can speak with a specialist who can give you useful tips for overcoming depression.

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