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Thinking of Attending Barber School? Here’s What You’ll Need To Know

barber school
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Dear Future Barber:

Why attend a barber school?

  • Develop the experience of a professional barber.
  • Grow your circle of mentors and peers.
  • Establish authority within the barber community.

What happens when you graduate from barber school? You get to keep your earned skills, friends, and happy experiences.

You become prepared to crush the State Board and the Health Department exams.

Your barber community will also appreciate your hustle for the degree. If you’re gifted, you might as well become part of an advanced program. You could even receive job offers upon graduation.

Furthermore, you get the opportunity to attend barber events. It’s the safest way to evolve your network and promote your career prospects.

Barbering is part of the fashion and beauty industries, and it can lead to living the Rockstar life.

If rubbing elbows with the rich and famous isn’t your style, you’ll have comfort in a fulfilling career.

Learning the Craft

Whether you learn by observing or using your hands, you’ll find a fitting style. Barber school classes teach with practical instruction, lectures, and live demos. Moreover, there are various multimedia formats in video and audio. It’s enjoyable and enriching.

The Professional Barber Kit

Learning barbering begins with mastering the tools of the craft. Your school will provide the barber’s kit, and teach you how to use them.

You start learning the basics of hairstyling, like cutting, coloring and trimming. Don’t worry, your instructors will explain it in full detail.

Applied Training

You start practicing your skills from day one, or two, or three.

Your school will provide mannequin heads at the beginning. When you begin developing manual and finger dexterity, you’ll get to work on live models.

You’ll also watch professional barbers cutting hair. Your barber school may invite famous hairstylists, so you can absorb their skills. All will speed up your learning.

You’ll also enjoy watching video tutorials for hairstyling.

Barber Education on Steroids

As you delve deeper, your barber education becomes more serious.

You’ll begin to learn the business skills essential for barbers. You discover how to market and sell hairstyling products. This knowledge will become a life-saver if you plan to start a salon someday.

You’ll also get the leadership abilities you need to build your barber’s network. Furthermore, you’ll learn how to prepare your portfolio for max impact. You’ll also learn how to plan for a barber’s career upon graduation.

You also get expert advice on how to advance your barber education and career.

Exceptional barber school students can join advanced programs. They often get invitations to fashion shows and industry events.

Through your education, you might participate in fundraising and charity events. You can also work in real salons outside school.

By the time you graduate, you’ll be ready to take on jobs in real barber salons. You’ve built the confidence and skill you need to succeed.

barber school
Photo by Thgusstavo Santana from Pexels

You’ll also have made friends with the movers and shakers in the industry. They’re your support group who will help find jobs, learn more skills, and promote your work.

With a barber’s degree, you’re ready to crush the state board exam and snag your barber’s license.

Making the Most of Barber School

If you’re still wondering why join a barber school, consider the following:

Learning from The Experts

You can’t find better barber teachers outside a school setting. Period.

Whether you’re an utter beginner, want to attract clients, or pass the state board exam, you’ll need mentors.

People who have done it and helped others do it.

Having a gentle hand guiding you through the hoops to become a hair artist is priceless.


Connections are a must if you want to succeed in the beauty field. Barber schools help you grow a reliable network of supporters. You’ll have the technology and the tools to take your barber education to the next level.

Extracurricular Activity

Barber schools organize extracurricular activities, including working outside school. It opens more opportunities for learning and helping the community.

Some are friendly contests, fun days, and community service programs.

Changing the World

You have the opportunity to engage in fund-raising activities for causes you love. You can help barber students get back to school, or pay their debts through your work.

5 Career Opportunities for Hairdressers

What can you do with a barber’s certificate? Endless possibilities.

The beauty industry is in a state of constant growth and innovation. Skilled barbers are in high demand in many cosmetology fields because of their rare skills.

With your education and network, you stand a better chance to secure your career.

1. Become a Barber Mentor

If you love teaching budding barbers and sharing your knowledge, you can become a teacher.
You can earn a higher degree in cosmetology and become an educator.

Many barber schools are looking for great teachers to help raise the next generation of stylists.

2. Work in a Salon or Start One

With your barber skills, you can start applying for available jobs in salons. It’s a great path if you want to become a stylist or barber. It’s also fun and rewarding.

Remember, you must be good-natured because you’ll be working with people. Whether they’re your peers or clients, you’ll need solid social skills.

You don’t need to become a social butterfly, but it’ll help to become a student of human nature.

You can also freelance on the side, or even plan to build your salon from scratch.

3. Work in the Beauty Industry

The entertainment industry is an open option for upcoming barbers.

If you enjoy popular culture, you can pursue a career in movies and TV.

Styling the hair of movie stars, musicians, and fashion models might be your true calling.

You can even work in worldwide events with entertainment themes.

4. Become Corporate Representative

If you want to use your brains rather than your hands, you can pick a corporate career.

You can test products, work in marketing, and organizing hair show events.

You can become the public face of a giant beauty corporation, like a brand ambassador. There’s a host of other jobs available in the corporate world for hairdressers.

5. Become a Salon Manager

Salon managers are the ones who oversee the salon operations. Starting from sales, customer service, to store management.

It’s best if you’re business savvy, looking to expand your horizon beyond manual work.

Find Your Barber School Today

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Click here and start browsing the best barber schools in town. Be careful, when you reach the end of what you should know, you will be at the beginning of what you should sense.

Have faith,

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