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The Importance of Nurses in the Medical Community

Nurses in the Medical Community
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Nurses are an essential part of the medical community.

Nursing is the biggest employer in the healthcare field, with more than 2.5 million nurses in the United States. As more and more people grow old and retire, the need for more nurses is more significant than ever.

There are two reasons for this:

  1. An aging population has more need for medical attention, and many nurses are also retiring as well. Teaching and nursing used to be two separate career paths for women, but today it is possible to pursue both options.
  2. An interesting fact is that many men are entering this field that was once reserved only for women.

The possibility of a flexible schedule also attracts men, and they are slowly becoming a growing part of the nursing community.

The nursing community is the backbone of the entire medical community.

Qualified nurses need to be able to recognize early signs of complications, and help the patient to understand the diagnosis and treatment. They monitor the patient’s condition and are responsible for the patient’s well-being.

The Nurses Importance in the Hospital Setting

Registered nurses get special training in the implementation of the therapy and monitoring patient’s conditions. They also assist the physician by informing them of how the patient is responding to treatment.

Nurses monitor the vital signs and look for any changes in the patient’s condition. They develop an instinct to register any lousy sign in the patient’s behavior and the way that he is responding to treatment.

During each shift, the nurse’s responsibility is that patients receive their medications and to help them satisfy their basic needs.

The nurse often has to interact with the patient’s family and explain the diagnosis and treatment. She is also a link between the patient’s family and the doctor.

The Importance of Nursing in the Community

In poverty-stricken areas, a nurse may be a primary source of health care by providing immunization and health screenings checks. Nurses are an integral part of their community in many other ways too.

Without community nurses, many patients would be unaware of their health problems like high blood pressure or raised cholesterol. Many children wouldn’t be able to attend school properly.

Health care costs are rising, and proper medical care is becoming unaffordable for many families, which only emphasizes the importance of community nursing.

Community nurses are the crucial elements in implementing government programs that allow community members to monitor their blood pressure, or receive dental or eye exam.

Nursing in the Home Care Setting

Nurses provide health care to older persons who are unable to live independently, so they enter a nursing home.

A home health nurse may also administer therapy to a child with a unique medical condition that needs to stay at home.

The nurse works her schedule by visiting homes, checking on the patient’s condition, and administering therapy.

A Higher Level of Care

Lack of access to medical care is one of the consequences of rising health care costs. Nurses are adapting to this new situation and are broadening their education in order to satisfy the increased spectrum of od health care needs.

A nurse with a bachelor’s degree may continue to specialize in some particular field of nursing, like a midwife, anesthetics, and community health care.

A nurse typically works under physician supervision, but she retains a great deal of autonomy.

A nurse practitioner has prescribing authority and may refer patients to a physician who will review his charts and diagnosis.

Nurse practitioners are responsible for improving the level of health care in many poor communities.

They are also responsible for reducing hospital costs by providing services once offered only by a physician.

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