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The Good and The Bad About HVAC School

hvac school
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Is the idea of going to an HVAC school bothering you, and you want to lay it to rest? Do you want to know whether it’s your true calling or a waste of time? Do you want to save your time instead of going for something that won’t work for you?

Don’t worry.

If the idea crossed your mind at some point, it means there’s potential for you.

Studying the fundamentals of HVAC can help you land an apprenticeship, which will help you earn your certification.

So, what to expect when joining an HVAC class, what you’ll learn, and what’re your options when you graduate?

We want to help provide reliable information so you can decide whether you should pursue this school or not.

Let’s start with the skills.

The Skills You Learn in An HVAC School

A characteristic HVAC course teaches you the basics of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Classes will cover many skills and theories related to the industry.

You start by learning the fundamentals, like customer service and safety standards, then gradually advance to complex topics, like the latest technologies in electric installations.

There are many classes in an HVAC program than you can’t count, to name a few:

* Air conditioning systems.
* Refrigeration.
* Heat and humidification systems.
* Electric fundamentals.
* Hand and power tools.

Every skill you learn adds to your value as an HVAC technician.

So, focus on choosing an HVAC school that prepares you to become useful to employers. From day one, focus on developing these skills if you want to become a real HVAC technician.

One of the worthiest skills you’ll learn in school is safety education and certificates. Furthermore, general knowledge about the industry and the availability of career paths make it worth joining.

The Good and The Bad About HVAC School

It’s no secret that it’s all about math and theory instead of using your hands to build things. In a nutshell, it’s brains over muscles.

If you expect to work with your hands to break things down and put them back together, sorry, you’re wrong.

A lot of math goes into it. You need to know every component in an appliance, what it does, and how it works with the other parts.

At the same time, the HVAC school you’re considering should offer a hands-on program that also focuses on the technical specs and theory.

Mostly, electrical classes are the hardest. But you’ll immensely enjoy the hands-on training. On the bright side, upon your graduation, you’ll be able to build a wholly operational heating and cooling system from scratch. How cool is that? (no pun intended).

hvac school
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Vital HVAC Skills for a Successful Career

New technologies, systems, and tools continue to change the HVAC landscape. If you want to become and stay a successful HVAC professional, you must stay in the loop in regards to these changes.

In addition to your mechanic skills, you’ll also want to develop your computer skills.

By no means, it’s a stagnant industry. Analysis skills and affinity for technology is a must.

If your HVAC school doesn’t prepare you for that, it isn’t worth it.

Career Path Options

HVAC college graduates enjoy a variety of career paths with several sub-categories.

The default path is becoming a refrigeration and air condition mechanic, but even this path has other sub-categories.

For example, you can work as an entry-level employee for an established HVAC company or facility and enjoy the benefits, like health insurance, vacations, and promotions.

You have limited duties where you do a routine job every day.

If the routine isn’t your thing, you can work for an independent contractor. You’ll be out in the field working on different projects for different customers in residential, industrial, and commercial settings.

Fieldwork usually carries more risks and requires exceptional stamina to keep up with many installations.

If you have an entrepreneurial streak to gratify, you may become an independent contractor yourself or start your HVAC business.

Lastly, you can apply for a government job as an HVAC specialist. A government job also comes with benefits like a fixed schedule, insurance, and stability.

The HVAC industry is vast, as you can see. The good news? You get to pick and choose, even customize your job to fit your personality and work style.

Other options include becoming a transport refrigeration mechanic, specializing in temperature control in motorized units transporting food, medications, and easily-spoiled goods.

Or a gas fitter responsible for gas-fired appliances, working on gas lines, meters, valves, and other devices.

If you think about it, it goes back to the quality of education you received and the skills you developed during your time in school.

Is Going to An HVAC School Worth the Investment

Back to the primary question: Will going to HVAC school help you achieve your fullest potential? And, the resulting concerns:

A) Can you become an HVAC technician without going to school?

B) If you go to school, how to determine the right program?

You must find a program that doesn’t neglect the hands-on experience required to become a real HVAC technician. It’s near impossible to gain this experience without finishing a quality HVAC course.

As to whether you should join an HVAC school, it all boils down to your character.


We devised this little quiz to help you decide, answer with a Yes or a No.

If you get a high score of “Yes,” go for it. If you get a high score of “No,” don’t.

So, let’s settle it once and for all!

1. Do you keep your promises even at your cost?
2. Can you respect someone even when they don’t deserve it?
3. Do your close friends support this decision?
4. Are you more of a listener than a speaker?
5. Do you practice gratitude every day?
6. Can you work during holidays?
7. Can you stand not getting credit for doing the right thing?
8. Can you keep focused on the light at end of tunnel during tough times?
9. Do you ever complain?
10. Can you focus on the long-term instead of the short-term?

Sorry for the personality pop quiz, but we hope it helps you decide.

What if your score is even? Try reading this page again.

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