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The Exciting Dance of Life

dance of life
Photo by Kat Jayne from Pexels

Ever had no care in the world, and all you want to do is have fun, gaze at the stars in the sky, experience the dance of life?

Being a little boy came with such excitement in anticipation of what adventure the day may bring, eyes all lit up, and a rush of adrenaline.

You are staring at the beaming sunshine through your window, the fields, the infinite skies, and beautiful clouds.

I had no responsibilities on my shoulders, so I step out of the house skipping, running, and jumping in ecstasy. As the days went by, I started remembering and understanding the rationale and consequences of this exciting dance of life.

Unforeseen circumstances developed barriers for me. As I got older, I began to employ self-reasoning to various situations that may occur. I started developing a different reality right within the context of my mind and previous encounter. Such horror!

With the recent development of a new form of awareness, the spiritual consciousness, the feeling can be compared to walking the tight rope between this world we inhabit and work in and the unrestrained freedom of a playful child.

We are not destined to be beasts of chores and affection; there has to be more to this experience of life. We are not prisoners sentenced to live out our days in the countryside. There should be a moment when we enjoy a dance of life.

We always have more available at our disposal. This could exist in the suburbs, workplace, the ordinary, and most extraordinary. The only way to reveal this finding is to dance.

Changes and movements become regular, one day, we find ourselves in love, and the next we feel nothing but disdain, we succeed today and fail tomorrow; we are playful this very moment and restrained the next.

The quiet, the state of absolute calmness, the silent place deep inside where spirits are connected are the only constants. This is felt in those inseparable moments shared with family and that special someone.

All our senses elude us when we encounter this profound moment of joy. All that is left is to forget as there is nothing left to discover while enjoying this dance of life.

Each day, we strive to put behind us the experience from the previous day. We are just wondering with the exclusion of prejudice, anticipation, worry, barriers — joy, and love in full sync with joy and love.

I am often fascinated by this.

What face would tomorrow bring?

What are the ways by which my world would interact?

This idealist mentality keeps me believing that there is more at our disposal. Many of my utterances may seem unrealistic as an idealist. This is the highest form of possibility, and there is no room for doubts whatsoever.

The beauty of the ideal also gives way to any circumstance or measure.

A grain of salt to spice up your everyday experience.

Every day I need to be that grain of salt too. I need to enjoy the dance of life.

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