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The 5 Minute Daily Stretching Routine That Brings Lifetime Mobility Benefits

Daily Stretching Routine
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Allow me to peel back the curtain and show you just what a no-stretching approach means you are probably missing out on.

This could play a crucial role in your health and recovery in case of an injury.

Your key to Peak Mobility

Specifically, let me show you:

  • How you can get Peak Mobility with stretching, for yoga, crossfit, bodybuilders, and other athletes
  • Why your body is not just a machine
  • How to prevent injuries and recover full mobility after an injury
  • How to copy superstar athletes’ mobility secrets so you can improve movement and fitness in just minutes a day
  • A world class regimen for long term mobility

In just a few minutes, you might be feeling a bit stupid for literally wrecking your body and exposing it to chronic movement pain.

Before I tell you about the science behind this shocking truth, let me tell you what you are doing wrong to your own body.

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The problem with us athletic types is we think the body is a machine. It should do whatever we want it to. No questions asked.

Stop right there.

Unless you have taken the time to follow a world class stretching and conditioning regimen as I’m about to teach you about, you could be risking muscle and bone injury each time you work out.

The body is not merely a machine. It is an ecosystem of interconnected muscle and skeletal systems, literally hundreds of them.

You might be familiar with a few of them:

  • triceps brachii – commonly called the “triceps”, you wouldn’t be able to move your arm much without this
  • biceps brachii – yes, your good old biceps, directly involved in lifting just about anything your hand can lift

But there’s others, like sternocleidomastoideus and levator scapulae, which control your head and neck movements.

In fact, there are over 300 pairs right across the whole body, all working in tandem.

Your muscles come in pairs, that means that for each muscle, there’s a bilateral counterpart helping the body keep its movement balance.

Unlike a machine, your muscles need special attention to prevent injury, which is the major threat to mobility.

During vigorous exercise, you push the body, and your muscle pairs, sometimes near the breaking point. And if you lift heavy weights, you might be going beyond the breaking point for your weaker muscles.

When you feel some sudden pain, you might have punctured, or, hopefully not, outright torn a muscle.

The good news is, it’s possible to heal your muscles. Sometimes all it takes is a little rest and let the body’s natural defenses go to work to heal the torn muscles.

However, sometimes, medical help is a necessity.

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The 5-Minute A Day Difference You Are Missing Out On

Stretching holds the key to moving blood into the muscles, getting them warmed and supple for the demands of regular vigorous exercise.

If you are not stretching regularly to match your workouts, your muscles are missing critical conditioning that primes them for the vigorous movement of a workout.

And if you’ve been injured in the past, following a daily stretching routine is even more crucial to smooth the scar tissue and allow you to achieve full mobility after you heal.

Here’s what you are missing if you avoid adopting a daily stretching routine:

  • Injury prevention – When you forego stretching altogether, your muscles are tight and more prone to injury.
  • Flexibility – Unstretched muscles not only tire more quickly but, according to the University Of California at Davis, are prone to a phenomenon known as soft tissue tightening, which leads to restricted range of motion.
  • Posture – Stretching strengthens your muscles and reinforces correct body posture.
  • Reduced body soreness – Stretching results in more blood and nutrients being carried into the muscles. This reduces muscle soreness and stiffness which can cause intense pain for days after a vigorous workout.
  • Restore the full range of motion – If you’re recovering from an injury, stretching, in accordance with your doctor’s guidelines, is one of the best ways to restore the full range of motion.

What is more, individuals that stretch have calmer minds, are less tense in general, and sleep well at night. All without ingesting questionable substances like antidepressants and sleeping pills.

The Natural Alternative To Therapy, Cortisol Injections, NSAIDs, and Muscle Relaxers

The good news is that it doesn’t take long to warm up the muscles and prevent debilitating muscle injuries.

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In just a few minutes a day, you can prime the body for activity. You will also gain improved long term mobility, and sleep better at night, all without resorting to last ditch solutions like NSAIDs and cortisol injections.

Did you know that NSAIDs like ibuprofen CAN reduce pain and inflammation in the muscles, but carry these potential side effects as well:

  • Risk of gastrointestinal ulcers
  • At least two NSAIDs, Bextra and Vioxx, were taken off the market due to the heightened risk of heart attacks
  • Increased chance of kidney disease

I don’t know about you, but I get antsy about using or relying on anything with these kinds of health risks for the long term.

It just doesn’t seem worth it.

Especially when the alternative is so natural, safer, and doesn’t cost more. After all, even a teenager can carry out, with a little expert instruction, a set of world-class mobility exercises, right in their backyard.

“These exercises can be followed by just about anybody with a minimal level of fitness, at a gym or in the comfort of your home”

That’s the beauty of a daily stretching routine. It’s not only safer, but doing it takes little time and does not typically require any specialized equipment.

How To Improve Mobility And Prevent Injuries With A World Class Physical Conditioning Regimen

If you are like me, you know stretching and conditioning is critical, but where to begin?

And how do you know you are stretching in a helpful way, but above all, in a SAFE way?

It’s no use injuring yourself because you are stretching without the proper, HEALTHY movement and technique.

Unlike superstar athletes like Lebron James and Cristiano Ronaldo, not all of us have teams of physical therapists at our beck and call, who can ensure proper technique.

Fortunately, my friend Coach E (Eric Wong over at Precision Movement) has worked with some pretty elite athletes, including MMA Fighters from the UFC) and has developed a set of world class movement routines you can use starting today.

Eric’s story, just so you know, is that he was something of an athlete himself back in the day, before he got injured in the back. He couldn’t really pursue his baseball passion or hardly move his back for a while. The routines you will learn grew out of his research into optimal routines for mobility and fitness. Since then, his work has helped athletes and reached over 60,000 fitness enthusiasts right around the globe.

Eric has divided his routines into 2 series of courses, the Targeted Programs, and an all-in one series called the Control Series.

As you’d imagine, the Targeted Programs are daily stretching routines focus on a specific area of the body and are a great option if you’ve been dealing with pain, tightness, or injury in a specific area of your body.

Read more about the Targeted Programs here.

If your overall health and fitness is pretty spot on and you haven’t had any recent injuries or pains but just want to get improved mobility overall, then you will want the Control Series.

Read more about the Control Series here.

These programs are solid gold for improving mobility and aiding recovery in case of a setback such as a sports-related injury.

Here’s what you get in the Targeted Programs

The Targeted programs get your body moving right again by targeting specific areas for mobility, conditioning, and pain reduction.

Often, athletes might injure a muscle group, such as a rotator cuff strain or a hamstring sprain.

Most of us have been there before, and as you know, this can result in pain when working out and even when resting.

The Targeted Programs will slowly condition the affected area with a set of targeted exercises that restore mobility and reduce pain. These are the individual programs:

The Shoulder Flexibility Solution – This program focuses on upper body range of motion and reducing shoulder tightness.

The Hip Flexibility Solution – This program helps you reduce stiffness in the hips and achieve full range of motion in the lower body.

TFL Pain Solution – If you’ve experienced pain in the hip area, this program, focused on conditioning the hip muscles, particularly the tensor fasciae latae (TFL) muscle, will help reduce pain and restore hip area function.

Scap Strength – This program builds up your shoulder strength so that you can be more athletic and perform upper body activities with more power. The scapulae (scap) muscles, need special conditioning for you to be able to pull, push, and lift with power.

If you have no need for an area-focused regimen, you can benefit from the Control Series, which will get your body to the next level of conditioning and full mobility.

Here’s what you get in the Control Series

The Control Series daily stretching routines offers you a path to peak mobility to pursue all your athletic pursuits, including conditioning for a lifetime of full mobility without pain. This is done through a set of courses that enhance your capabilities to fully pursue the activities and sports you love.

Spine Control – This course covers the control of the spine and helps achieve gradual improvements in range of motion.

Hip Control – Restore muscular balance with this course focusing on the hips and lower body.

Shoulder Control – Develop your upper body mobility and shoulder strength with this course.

Lower Limb Control – Gain stability and control over critical areas in the lower body. These include the knees, ankles, and feet.

Upper Limb Control – Improve upper body limb control and reduce tightness of areas like the elbows and wrists. This is key if you play upper body intensive sports such as golf or tennis.

Taken together, the Targeted Programs and Control Series daily stretching routines provide a highly effective one-two punch for working on a specific area, then building long term gains in mobility.

You can pair together individual courses from the Targeted Programs and Control Series to get high quality conditioning tailored for your body’s specific needs.

In all honesty, few programs I’ve explored in the area of physical fitness and conditioning match or even come close to matching what you are getting in the Targeted Programs and Control Series, especially when you stack them together for maximum fitness results.

There’s A 1 Year Guarantee

This is yet one more thing to love about the Targeted Programs and Control Series.

You get a full year to try it and see the results for yourself, ALL UNDER THE 1 YEAR GUARANTEE.

Get the program that suits you best here, while Eric’s offer is still available.

“Will this work for me if I have never had a daily stretching routine?”

Absolutely. You might have even more to gain since your mobility and fitness has further to gain from such a rigorous conditioning program. Just make sure to take it progressively and not do too much all at once.

“I injured my knee while running a while back. What would you recommend for my situation?”

You should take a look at the Lower Limb Control course. It will help you recover motion stability and proper function in the knees and other areas of the lower body. As always, make sure you are consulting with a medical doctor to get medical advice and certify if you are ready for physical activity.

Thanks to Coach E and Precision Movement, The Methods Of The Pros Are Now In Your Hands

Restoring full mobility, especially after an injury, can be challenging, and downright frightening. Thanks to his own experience recovering from a challenging back surgery, Coach E (Eric Wong) has given a tremendous gift to the world for anyone looking to restore and enjoy their own mobility.

The methods of the pros are now in your hands. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to condition for mobility so you can enjoy the activities you love, anytime you choose!

Join The Precision Movement now.

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