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Test Your Emotions And Outside Stimuli

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How much impact do the outside stimuli have on you?

A difficult question to answer for anyone – Are you happy?

If your answer is yes, then how happy are you?

Do you experience happiness, no matter the situation? When you come in contact with an old enemy, do you maintain your state of happiness? When you experience financial constraints, are you still happy? Do you file your tax returns happily? When your favorite candidate is losing, do you stay happy? No.

Our happiness and unhappiness are dependent on the situation of things around us. Happiness is just one emotional state among many. Whatever the input we garner from the outside has great effects on our emotions. Most of the time, we are not in charge of how we react to situations.

What definition best suits the word happiness? We can define happiness as a feeling of contentment or a good and joyful feeling.

What are the rationale behind being happy at a particular event and sudden unhappiness for another? Good news brings us happiness, while bad news can create sadness.

Throughout each day, we constantly switch from a happy mood to an unhappy mood.

Do our moods get influenced easily due to our inability to control what happens outside?

Is it possible to disregard all the negativity around us and stay happy always?

Can we maintain our emotional state when everything looks depressing and say to ourselves, “I will always remain happy?”

The results of practicing this are satisfying and beneficial. We avoid being tied to the stimuli from the outside to stay unhappy. These stimuli do exist on not only the outside but also the inside. Flash of unpleasant memories can change our moods. We have the key to our emotions.

Happiness is a blessing. If we can decide to stay happy, we can always maintain our emotional control when things go wrong or bad memories come flying in. We suddenly become untouchable when the wind of unhappiness blows through our minds. Happiness is a single emotion.

We often get hit by a variety of emotions; love, hate, compassion, anger, among others. The same method applies to all other emotions. We get hit by different waves of emotions often.

We are like a ship constantly regularly beaten by the raging ocean of emotions. This is not okay because of lack of control.

Engage yourself in some fun quizzes to discover the extent by which you get affected by stimuli and your coping mechanisms.

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