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Still Chasing Happiness?

chasing happiness
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Most people have to work hard to achieve happiness. Others spend a better part of their lives chasing happiness.

To these people, happiness is a butterfly you chase around a garden.

Just in front of you and unreachable.

If life is a garden, imagine a small child running around. They see a little butterfly flying from flower to flower.

With excitement and curiosity, they try to capture it! They want to see it up close and personal, absorbing themselves in the beauty of it.

Approaching the flower, with arms wide open to embrace the butterfly.

Just as they reach the flower, the butterfly moves on.

Stubbornly carrying on, the child chases the butterfly from flower to flower around the garden. Getting close but never just reaching it.

You see, for an adult, the butterfly is our happiness and like the butterfly. Though out of reach, we continue chasing happiness.

Achieving happiness becomes an obsession for most — the words “if only” becomes a mantra for a large part of our vocabulary and thoughts.

  • If only I had more time
  • If only I were in a relationship.
  • If only I had a different job.

It can go on and on.

Even if one of “if only” desires are achieved, it is never enough. We still seek other ones. We never really get satisfied, so we continue chasing happiness.

Enjoying the chase of desire just out of our reach. The grass is always greener, is never more real, becoming our focus and perception of our lives.

We can find that throughout our life and experience, the unhappiness and dissatisfaction will only grow the more we strive for the if only. This unhappiness can never be resolved by events and circumstances out of our control.

To be at peace with ourselves is the only way we can be happy.

Things out of our control can only provide happiness for the short term, and our true self is never affected by them. Life always offers good and bad experiences for everyone, like a roller coaster.

We can always find happiness from within instead of constantly chasing happiness outside.

Despite the ups and downs, the happiness that we have created from ourselves will always calm the storm that is life’s roller coaster. To do this you need to be able to embrace who you are as a person, live your life to the fullest.

To be able to achieve a sense of completion in your life, you need to be able to have acceptance and peace in all areas of your world. You need to find your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual peace throughout your world.

If you neglect any of these areas, a sense of emptiness and incompleteness will start to creep into your life. When this happens, you will struggle to build happiness within yourself; it just won’t work.

We start to fill these holes with outside solutions, just like chasing the butterfly, the same with chasing happiness.

Experiencing frustration with not being able to reach the butterfly or happiness in this case.

Do you have a butterfly for happiness?

If this is the case, take some time to reflect on how you achieve happiness.

Do you ignore one of the four aspects of you, and are suffering because of it?

The more you accept and follow your uniqueness, the more you realize the butterfly landing on you rather than the flower.

Are you still chasing happiness? Well, time to apply some of these techniques to achieve genuine happiness.

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