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Significant Steps Towards Finding Peace of Mind

finding peace of mind
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Are you in a constant battle with yourself as regards finding peace of mind?

My friend has a quote on her wall, the type of art which has nice typography, which dictates an interesting quote about life.

“I know worry works because nothing I worry about ever happens.”

It resonates with me because I also worry a lot. I mean a lot, over the simplest of things.

I also worry about major things, as well. There’s just no rest from the worry, and it could be relationships or finance or my health- I just can’t stop.

Since I spend so much of my time fretting, I have decided to get that time back — my own Personal Research Project.

You might like to join me- if you think it would help you in finding peace of mind. I have split the project into two points;

1) I try to catch myself

If I realize, I am starting the cycle of worry in my mind. I say to myself, “Hey, no need for that.”

Recently I was walking to work, and I caught myself out ten times in a 30-minute walk, worrying about being late. I was 10 minutes early.

Even if there is nothing major happening in my life, I WILL find something to worry about; it’s my superpower.

Worry and fretting over everything is a mental habit. In the past, I have managed to change my habits.

I can do it again!

2) Practice remaining in the present

What I mean by this, is stopping any thoughts of worry. When I teach workshops with other worriers.

When I am conducting a session, I will ring a bell. This helps my students to practice their grounding.

When the classroom is quiet enough, the longer the ringing bell will sound. The best feeling is the cool sensation you get when it dims to a silent.

The ring becomes barely audible and then silence. It is at this moment before I start automatically thinking again that I adore.

I try to extend this moment for as long as possible so that I can continue the practice into my times of greater worrying.

While those are my two attempts towards finding peace of mind, my friend Rosie has a couple of suggestions that work for her.

3) Decide what to do about the problem then and there

If you can’t do anything about it, what should you do about it?

Resolve it. If you can’t, then you file it away until you can.

Or, if you can’t do anything about it, then you let it go. This works on any issues which are not important.

4) Start singing

When she starts to worry, she decides to sing. Singing when you worry helps you to center yourself as well as distract you from the issue you are fretting about.

By reconnecting with yourself and with your creativity, will help you to get into the frame of mind that everything is and will be OK.

One of the best things you can do to help yourself as regards finding peace of mind is to be aware and acknowledge that worrying is a habit. A habit that can be broken.

The founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba, described it as the Art of Peace. Stating that the Art of Peace must always be practiced in a vibrant and joyful manner.

I am hoping that my project will help me and yourself to smile and live each day as well as finding peace of mind so that I can stop worrying and lighten up.

Are you worrying now? Take a deep breath and stop for a moment.

Take this moment to be present. Listen to everything around you.

Sounds, smells, and sights. Then smile.

Just smile, no reason, no thinking. Just smile.

You may find it is the best thing you ever learn. Finding peace of mind really isn’t that difficult if you can apply these techniques daily.

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