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Resume Writing – Things to Consider

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Searching for a job, best believe you will get your dream job.

This is possible.

You need a resume first before considering ads, job websites, and making inquiries of desired companies.

The way your resume is set up may determine whether or not you get hired.

Make your resume more functional.

One page is enough to give your employer vital information about you.

When there are too many pages, recruiters tend to set them aside and go to the next candidate.

Recruiters do not have the time to go through those long pages.

Often, these recruiters scan your resume and consider you based on your cover letter and maybe interviews to get other vital information about you before hiring.

To possess a functional resume, neatly organize your set of skills into different sections and place the titles at the bottom of the page.

This method is usually applied by individuals having a career change.

This is done to take the recruiter’s attention away from the gaps in employment and lack of expertise.

The chronological form of a resume is a well mapped out list of skills, education and employment history in order from the most recent experience backward or reverse sequence.

Each category present in your resume must be brief and significant to the role you are applying for.

For unemployed fresh graduates, your educational background needs to go first directly below the letterhead.

List your school, degree, discipline as well as graduation date.

You can also list your academic awards and course work that may have relevance to the job, this is not a necessity, but if you have available space, then you can add them.

The other sections include relevant work and volunteer experience and other skills such as computer skills. You can add publications in your name or contribute to and the different languages you are fluent in if it’s relevant to the job.

The last category should contain a list of references or state “references will be provided upon request.”

Another important advice to consider when including names of references;

Ensure to inform them before listing their names; consent is very important.

Your choice of references should either be a former boss, a school teacher, an old friend with knowledge of your skills as well as a clergyman.

Appearance is very important when writing a resume.

Your choice of font should be clear and uncluttered for easy reading.

I will suggest you use a Sans Serif font such as Arial or Verdana on your resume.

They appear better on faxes.

Ensure to make the format of your resume concise and straightforward.

Your accomplishments should be well listed out.

Recruiters need to scan your pages easily and understand whether or not you are a good fit for the role.

Take into consideration the type of paper you use.

Try using the standard colors; white, cream off-white, and gray.

They make fonts stand out and reading seamless.

There should be color conformity with the paper used for the resume, your cover letter as well as the envelope.

You can find these sets of resume paper and envelopes at most stationery outlets.

Ask the sales personnel present and check for what you need.

Another way is saving on a disk and printing it out to have it done by a professional.

Apply action words when describing skills, education, and experience.

Use a strong verb in place of a noun when starting a sentence.

If you must use numbers, use percentages, and dollar amounts.

The number of personnel under your supervision should be listed as well.

Refrain from using extra pages; one page is enough.

Employees waste no time on resumes as there are thousands more to attend to.

Only relevant information should be contained in your resume. You can include other information in your cover letter in the interview.

Give more attention to the job objective.

If you are going for a teaching role, let your resume reflect your teacher training and test scores on your area of specialty.

The resume and the cover letter are two different things, though the latter gives you the freedom to shed more light on some of the information contained in your resume.

Take time to ensure the information on your resume is valid. Use only action words and strong descriptions.

You have various resources at your disposal, including career counselors at your college and books to give you in-depth knowledge of techniques to land your dream job.

Go online today and tap into the endless information concerning job-related posts.

You can pay the human resources department of a business matching your interest.

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