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Remove Your Blocks To Creative Thinking

Blocks To Creative Thinking
Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay

We all have creative tendencies within us but need help to remove the blocks to creative thinking.

This is inherent in every one of us as human beings. The challenges often lie with us, discarding this natural ability, and continuously make errors that may prove detrimental to your lives.

These are seven steps will help remove your blocks to creative thinking and unlock your creative potential:

1. Make no presumptions, assume less, and wait till all information is gathered to conclude.

2. Views situations from the perspective of others and open-minded individual listens and sees things from a different view as theirs may be more logical.

3. Restrain from bipolar thoughts. Your thoughts are positive this minute and negative the next due to what you currently have in your view.

It pays to stay neutral than jumping emotional ships.

If this helps, understand that things are not as good or bad as we perceive them to be.

4. Dispose of lazy thinking habits as what you do often tend to play a major role in your decision making.

“It happened the last time so that only means it will happen again” is a form of lazy and negative thought. Circumstances change. Stay positive always.

5. Ever been in a gathering of kids? They don’t let anything get in their way when having fun. The average adult shows fewer synapses or links in the brain compared to children.

It’s time to start thinking less like an adult and more like a child. No judgments, just accepting things the way they are. Thinking this way helps to reverse the aging process of our brains.

Age is no barrier; all that is required is your passion and enthusiasm to improve on your brainpower.

6. Take into consideration every detail and the bigger picture right in front of you. This helps to place everything in its rightful place and element.

7. Do your thinking yourself, though time outs for such reasons are often disallowed at most corporate organizations as immediate results are valued over creativity, which is often perceived as long term aspirations.

This is often expected from employees of creativity-repressed organizations. They have a robotic thought process; think this way, act this way and work this way.

Let no one have control over your thought process, whatever idea you may have, share.

Remove your blocks to creative thinking today.

Make these seven unique changes in your habitual thought process and discover a new world of new, innovative and creative solutions to those urgent life challenges.

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