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Never Stop Searching For Your Passion

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Quite a number of people try to contain extreme fire within themselves; this proves abortive because the unrelenting fire chews their very souls to bits.

Many have tried hiding it all up with the help of alcohol, work, kids, and shopping, while others turn to drugs to numb the feeling or have sex to propel it.

The Baby Boomers searched for immortality and to make changes to the world. The fear of growing old finally came knocking at the end. They strived to change the world, and this they achieved.

The generation before that searched for the American Dream. While many failed to find it, a few did.

Our generation seems determined to be successful but, sadly, only widens the space between the “haves” and “have nots.”

With every generation and individual is the constant search for something which often eludes them.

Energy and distress come with this fire. The ability to use this distress as a motivating factor and the energy as a propellant is key.

The “Celestine Prophecy” by Redfield reveals the importance of past views.

After being able to meet his/her basic needs, the first man and woman embarked on a journey to conquer the world and added this to their joint service. We now search for something which remains unknown or unclear to us.

We suddenly develop a relentless desire to move to the next level of learning or love when connected to our roots and souls. This does not necessarily need to be the love of a person.

This could either be a passion for innovative ideas, fueling tasks meant for work, family, community, and ourselves. Passion is required when we use up the totality of who we are.

Losing this is death to the soul or deep sleep, at least. The cries can be heard when asleep.

Sometimes my passion scares me; it’s raging at times. I feel it may one day consume me, and by then everything else won’t matter.

I understand this is possible due to my experience working tirelessly for hours without sleeping or eating and ignoring the time.

I also understand the need to live everyday life doing the daily routine which I may find boring but necessary. The key is striking a balance between this and that which you are passionate about.

Do you still remember how it felt with your first love? You could care less of everything else going on around you at the time. You could probably walk the length of the Sahara to prove your love. I’m sure you remember that.

Though the first passionate and all-consuming love rarely lasts, it opens our eyes to the force within us that carries this colossal energy.

Never stop searching for your passion and watch it find you.

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