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Making A Hospitality Management Degree Work For You

Hospitality Management Degree
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Hotel schools and programs design their hospitality management degree to prepare you, the student, for careers in hotel and restaurant management, food and beverage services, travel, and many more.

Working in hospitality is the next best thing to working in airports if you like to meet new people and strike up conversations with travelers.

It’s a career with a lot of heart in it because you work directly with people.

Hospitality isn’t just smiling and shaking hands, it has an immensely academic side with a lot of budgeting, finance, and banking behind the scenes.

We’re here to help you find out whether you should pursue a hospitality management degree, what you can do with it, and what are your options.

So, read every word to the end to discover if hospitality management is your true calling.

What’s Hospitality

Forget about the “degree” for a second and focus on “hospitality management” instead.

Hospitality management is a far-flung field with many definitions and includes many professions. For our purposes, let’s look at one of its most primary roles in our world today.

Imagine a group of pre-historic merchants who must travel to a faraway village to finish a trade deal. Their journey is full of hardships, so when they finally arrive at their destination, they’re hungry and exhausted. They need food and shelter. A place to stay.

As civilization advanced, people built more of these hospitality places for pilgrims, tourists, and other travelers.

In that sense, hospitality isn’t about hotels and restaurants alone. You can include cruise ships, casinos, and every other place that people may visit for food and shelter.

Hospitality is the art of inviting, welcoming, and comforting guests in your establishment.

Hospitality management concerns itself with food delivery, taking care of the establishment in terms of cleaning and maintenance, and making strangers feel they’re home.

All these services and operations require skilled workers to, ultimately, make a profit and make visitors want to return.

The purpose of a hospitality management degree is to prepare students for running a successful business, whether it’s a hotel, restaurant, or a secluded pension in a remote area.

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What Does A Hospitality Manager Do?

Although the hospitality industry is substantially huge, it’s highly competitive. It’s hard to establish yourself. To distinguish yourself, you must obtain a hospitality management degree.

Because education and live training give you the advantage you need to succeed as a hospitality manager.

Hospitality loses its meaning in incompetent hands. That’s why, as a successful manager, you must have the necessary education and skills to bring profit to your employer or yourself if you run your restaurant.

The responsibilities of a hotel or restaurant manager are complex.

Here’s a quick summary of these duties:

1. You must make all your guests feel welcome and happy all the time. It means you must be courteous and a people’s person by nature while encouraging everyone else to do the same by offering an outstanding service to the guests.

2. You must pay close attention to every operation, big or small. It’s to make sure that the establishment meets the guest’s expectations.

It means supervising everyone from cooks in the kitchen to assure the quality of food and its presentation, to housekeepers who clean the rooms and change the pillowcases.

There’s a lot that goes into creating a positive experience for guests, and it’s your job to keep everything running like a clock.

3. The critical part of your job is making a profit. You must be well-versed in finance and budgeting. Your services must return a profit. While pleasing customers is crucial, it doesn’t mean giving free services to make them happy.

It boils down to setting the prices of rooms and menu items to cover operational expenditures. You should also consider putting a percentage of your profit into investing in new equipment, hiring skilled workers, or clearing debts you acquired to build the establishment.

In ancient times, you would learn all these skills under an experienced hotel manager. However, today, the fastest and easiest way to become a successful hotel or restaurant manager start with obtaining a hotel management degree.

Make Your Hospitality Management Degree Work for You

Hospitality has good potential when you work smart and hard. By now, you can understand why being a success takes long years without the right degree.

Knowledge is the key to success, with a hospitality management degree under your built, you’re unstoppable.

In short, education offers a backbone to actual experience.

5 Hospitality Commandments

  1. It helps to know what makes the guest satisfied. Achieving customer satisfaction is essential because then they’ return to you instead of going to another restaurant.
  2. Know that you’re in the business of creating a positive experience for people.
  3. It’s impossible to separate between how you create the service and how the visitors consume it.
  4. 40 out of the 100 tables in your restaurant will always be empty no matter what you do. You must learn to live with that.
  5. The knowledge and skills of your workers determine the work quality.

Working with a Hospitality Management Degree

Why start from the bottom when you can accelerate your career with an online hospitality management degree?

It’s time to choose your path.

Hospitality management is a multidisciplinary field, offering numerous jobs in different categories.

A travel-type of person will thoroughly enjoy studying and working in hospitality.

You can be the host of an international event one day, and pouring champagne for celebrities the next. Driving your life to everlasting success while meeting the most interesting people on earth.

Starting as a waiter and ending up the restaurant owner? That’s not news in this fascinating industry.

Remember, it’s all about working smart and hard.

Whether online or at a university, a hospitality management degree opens the door, and it’s up to you to walk in.

We hope that hospitality is your true calling because it has so much to offer, and you have so much to give.

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Colleges Offering Hospitality Management Degrees

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