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If you hate injustice and love to watch CSI, and Chemistry and Biology are some of your favorite subjects, a forensics degree might be a perfect match for you.

As a future expert in forensics, you will work in crime labs, examining the evidence from a crime scene, and making life easier for police investigators trying to catch a murderer.

As much as modern science and technology have made life complicated to criminals of all sorts, many crimes remain unsolved. Progress in odontology and DNK testing cannot replace the human factor and logical reasoning in solving crimes.

You do not need to be a huge fan of crime TV shows to understand the importance of crime scene evidence. The smallest thing like a drop of blood or a piece of clothing can be a difference between a life sentence and acquittal.

The criminals are aware of new scientific methods in forensics, and they play a game of cat and mouse with police and crime scene investigators. Predators of every kind enjoy outsmarting the forces of law and order and your job, if you choose to pursue a forensics degree will be to outsmart them.

You will need nerves of steel to use your critical thinking to accurately reach a fast conclusion with a limited amount of evidence. You will be forced to pay attention to the smallest details, to spot important clues that other people would miss.

You will enter a brotherhood of people who are bonded by a desire to make the world a safer place for their offspring. You might not risk your life every day like a regular police officer, but your efforts will be the backbone of every criminal investigation.

This is definitely not a career for faint-hearted, but strong, ambitious, and intelligent people who can make an impact and help save lives while bringing criminals to justice. Think about that while you pondering the possibility of getting your forensics degree.

How to Get a Degree in Forensics

As with any bachelor’s degree, it takes approximately four years to master the basics of forensic science. After completing the basic studies. students can choose to continue their education and specialize in several forensic fields.

You will start with classes in pharmacology, computer science, and statistics, with the basics of biochemistry and some work in criminal justice. Taking basic science classes, such as chemistry, toxicology, and pathology, will provide a foundation for specialization in a particular area of forensics.

The forensic science is rapidly evolving and with forensics degree studies you will have access to the latest discoveries in serology and forensic anthropology. You will learn about high-speed ballistics photography, 3D facial reconstruction, carbon dating, and DNA sequencing.

Learn how to use forensic software that helps scientists to analyze data and classify evidence. You will learn to understand the ethics related to new technologies such as the DNA database that raises concerns about privacy laws.

Typical curriculum associated with a forensics degree includes:

  • Forensic Chemistry and Biology
  • Genetics and Molecular Biotechnology
  • Research in Forensic Science
  • Forensic Toxicology and Fingerprint Analysis
  • Human Osteology
  • Forensic Microscopy and Spectroscopy
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A forensics degree teaches students how to collect, store, and analyze all types of evidence. You will spend a lot of time in a crime laboratory, learning how to conduct analysis and produce solid evidence.

Theoretical classes will teach you investigation techniques, and principles, used during the criminal investigation. With forensic psychology, you will learn how to use psychological methods to help judges and police investigators better understand a criminal mind.

To learn all this and much more, you will need to choose the right school where you can pursue your education. To help you with this, we developed our college search tool which you can use to browse through colleges across the nation.

Choose the one that offers the best curriculum and the studies that can fulfill your goals and ambitions. Take your time to decide whether you will pursue your degree online or in a more traditional way.

Many accredited schools offer excellent online courses and programs. If you seek more independence and flexibility in your studies, you may choose to pursue your forensics degree online.

What You Can Do With a Degree in Forensics

You might start your career as a crime scene investigator and help law enforcement to bring criminals to justice by collecting crucial evidence. You might specialize as a medical examiner or crime laboratory analysts.

This might be a stressful job for many people and watching crime scene investigation on TV and looking at real dead bodies every day is not the same thing. However, some people are born for this and they enjoy solving the crime scene puzzles and putting bad guys in jail.

If you are one of those people, start searching for the best college near you that offers a forensics degree program. If you see yourself working behind the scenes in the laboratory analyzing samples gathered from crime scenes using cutting-edge technology, this is a job for you.

You will use analytical chemistry, and pharmacology techniques to identify specimens obtained from crime scenes. You will also compare dental records to a bite mark left on a victim, or for the purpose of corps identification.

A forensics degree will teach you how to retrieve evidence samples from a crime scene and properly label and store them so they can be used in court. Rules must be followed or else the evidence will no longer be usable if they are contaminated or altered in some way.

Become a Mind Hunter

By using a wide range of new technologies such as forensic databases, DNA sequencing, and carbon dating, you will try to remain one step ahead of crime perpetrators. You must believe that what you are doing is making a big difference if you want to build a career in this field.

You will make your neighborhood and your community a safer place to live. Your experience will give you insights into a criminal mind and develop instincts that average people do not possess.

If you want to solve the real crime puzzles, do not waste any time.

Serve justice, law, and order, and make a world a better place.

Find a good college and get your forensics degree.

Interested in a degree in this field? Our College Search Tool makes it quick and easy to find a school offering what you are looking for. Give It A Try!

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