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Learn to Tame Electricity in Electrician School

electrician school
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Once you finish the electrician school course, you will know everything there is about AC/DC, and we are not talking about the band.

Playing with electric current is like playing with fire, which means - dangerous. Despite that, we humans wouldn’t be who we are if we were afraid of exploring dangerous things and figuring out the way of turning those things into something useful.

Taming electricity was probably among the smartest and most useful things that man has ever done. It improved our standard of living dramatically and opened so many doors for new explorations and scientific improvements.

If you wish to learn how electricity is made and how we use it to power our appliances and illuminate our cities, think about taking the electrician school course. Producing electricity is one thing, but maintaining the electrical network and installations requires some skilled technicians.

Electrician training involves using your hands as well as your mind and it’s almost impossible to feel bored when you are learning something new every day. Becoming a skilled technician is a very gratifying feeling, especially when you get a chance to play with some cool gadgets and instruments.

If you do not like sitting in the office but instead prefer visiting different places and performing interventions, then you might like this kind of job. The busy electrician is a rolling stone, always on the go, meeting new people and visiting new places every day.

It is a dynamic profession that requires quick thinking, fast reflexes, and strong communication skills. Everyone likes a friendly, smiling handyman who knows his way around with fixing things.

For someone who likes to work with his hands and to be in motion most of the time, the electrician school might be a good place to invest his talent and learn some interesting skills. Electricity is fun, and it is always much easier to learn and master those things that we find interesting and appealing.

What will you learn in the electrician school?

You can get your electrician training in as little as nine months through a certified school program. However, it usually takes more time to become a skilled journeyman electrician, but that comes with practical experience.

Electrical work is very manual, and a good electrician needs some solid hand-eye coordination to work with tools and machinery in remote locations. You will become proficient in working with various tools through your electrician school training.

You should be in a good shape if you wish to do this for a living, and you will be constantly reminded that physical fitness and a good sense of balance are essential for avoiding some serious injury. Accurate vision is also important since wires must often be identified by color-coding which you will also learn in your training.

You will learn about the National Electric Code, workplace safety, basics of electrical theory, and many other things that will give you a head start for your future career. Students will get the opportunity to practice and learn many aspects of the trade such as reading construction blueprints and technical diagrams for electrical plans.

You will get familiar with important concepts like installing, repairing, and maintaining electrical wiring, lighting fixtures, and fixing electricity-distribution equipment, and various electrical control systems.

electrician school
Photo by Bruno/Germany from Pixabay

The electrician school program teaches you to properly test and inspect electrical systems and components for problems by using special devices. You also need to make sure that all work complies with the National Electric Code and state and local regulations.

You will study and master subjects such as:

• Mathematical arithmetic and trigonometry
• Geometry, including ratios and proportions
• The physics of electricity
• Blueprint reading
• Grounding systems and overcurrent devices
• Electrical power distribution
• Electrical safety and The National Electric Code
• Electrical components like a conduit, panels, switchboards, motors, controllers, generators, and transformers

To help you find a good electrician school, we developed our college search tool, which you can use to browse through schools across the nation until you find the one that suits you.

Whether you choose to pursue your education online or by taking classes the traditional way, just make sure that the school you pick is accredited, with a good reputation and solid curriculum that prepares you for your future profession.

As you will get to carry out more complex tasks, you will gradually refine your skills and practical understanding of electrical concepts. By the end of your electrician school course, you will be capable of performing a full range of electrical work at a high level.

What should you do after completing the course?

Depending on your location and where you plan to work licensing might be required, although requirements vary from state to state with some of them not having licensure requirements at all. In states that do require licensure the most common way to get it is to complete a specified number of hours of classroom instruction and supervised on-the-job experience before passing an exam.

Qualified electricians are employed by electrical contractors or they work in oil and gas industries, construction, or power generation and distribution. It is also possible to be a freelancer and work independently by starting your own business.

Electricians wire new homes for lighting and service manufacturing equipment, while many of them choose to work in electrical maintenance or installation. Aside from running electrical wires through new homes or businesses, they add outlets, circuit breakers, and transformers to power lights and appliances.

Electrician school graduates perform service and repairs to existing electrical systems, by fixing motors, transformers, or generators. They replace aging wiring systems so they meet modern codes and safety standards.

Bring power to the people

Heat, power, and lights are blood vessels of our society, and skilled workers are essential to keep them all running.

Alternative energy sources like wind and solar, are also driving demand for qualified electricians.

A growing population requires more homes, businesses, and institutions which all require power, and aging structures need upgrades and improvements.

Become a skilled electrician and bring power to the people.

Find a good electrician school and make the first step toward your new career.

Interested in a degree in this field? Our College Search Tool makes it quick and easy to find a school offering what you are looking for. Give It A Try!

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