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Key Entertainment Production Careers

entertainment production careers
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Entertainment production careers such as a television host or acting roles may be considered unobtainable for anyone desiring to take the spotlight in their teens.

The majority aspire to be the next West Life or Destiny Child, but this may be quite unattainable.

Teens don’t need to see this as a reason to completely stop dreaming.

There are several available entertainment production careers as few star-struck teens have come to discover.

Some of which are concert organizers, filmmakers, or animation specialists.

There are those in charge of giving viewers premium entertainment content while working behind the scenes.

The entertainment industry has as many careers as the people working in the industry.

There are some available entertainment production careers often disregarded, and the notable ones include; freelance illustrator, set designers, writers, 2D animation specialists, or dance choreographers.

Entertainment Production Careers

These are a few career opportunities in the entertainment industry and the skills they bring.

1. Illustration

The illustration artist is among the expansive entertainment production careers out there. Ordinarily, illustration artistry is the art of painting pictures for magazines, books, and different publications.

These artists also work with computer graphics by designing web pages, character creation, and integration for animation studios and may go as far as creating their animation.

These proficient artists use a variety of software and programs such as Photoshop, Adobe, and other similar ones to carry out these graphical illustrations.

2. Dance

Most people confine their minds to just backup dancers for musical artists or groups.

There are several other available entertainment production careers in this category, such as choreographers who are in charge of the routines.

Also, costume makers and dance equipment specialists all fall into this category.

There is multiple dance genre which makes it a diverse profession.

Think about entertainment and try to imagine what the industry would feel and look like without dancers.

The roles of choreographers cannot be overemphasized, as these specialists train the best dancers currently in the industry.

3. TV/Movies

The words fame and glamour are synonymous with actors and television stars.

Oblivious to many is the crew behind these stars we see on our screens.

This is not to disregard the talents in these stars, but key entertainment production careers such as the scriptwriters, directors, makeup artists, and other crew members deserve notable mentions.

There are more people involved in entertainment production than acting.

4. Books and Print Media

Everyone knows who an author is because it’s the most celebrated professionals in the print media industry.

Every author needs an editor, a publisher, layout designers as well as book reviewers to get his/her book on the shelves.

Every published book out there must have gone through reviews, revisions as well as the printing process.

Specialists manage these tasks.

The print media has several career choices to pursue.

5. Music

There are two phases to music production.

There are music distribution outlets like the radio, online streaming platforms, or event organizers.

On the reverse side, one could pursue a career with a music studio that produces new music.

For those who enjoy listening to music or are passionate about music trivia, working in a distribution company may be of great advantage to you.

Those who fancy being at the forefront of music can pursue a career on the production side.

No musical talent? No problem. There are several other entertainment production careers in the music industry as long as you remain passionate about this field.

6. Animation

This field extends beyond the regular artists.

There are also animators, writers, software, and sound engineers in every animation studio.

Distribution of animation is majorly executed via various media outlets such as the television and the internet. Media experts manage this form of dissemination.

To add to jobs that have previously been mentioned, several non-related entertainment production careers can still thrive in the industry.

These jobs include; accountants at a television studio, IT professionals for television and radio stations, CEO of a publishing company, we can keep the list going, but I’m sure you already get the hints.

Teens who do not have the opportunity of appearing at the prestigious American Idol or miss out on the school talent show can be hopeful of pursuing other specialist areas in the entertainment industry.

Understand this; there is always a role for you in the entertainment industry; it takes more passion than talent to thrive.

Bring a spark of creativity and remain dedicated to your craft, task yourself today to consider these key entertainment production careers.

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