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Key Accounting Positions to Consider

accounting positions
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If you are looking to get into any of the accounting positions, there are a range of roles which you can aim for.

From entry-level bookkeeping to a Chief Financial Officer of a company.

For you to gain those high achieving accounting positions, there is one main requirement for the role — a degree.

And a degree in accounting will help you earn roles with more responsibility and higher salaries. You will also need to gain various professional designations to achieve a high-end career in accounting.

A major milestone in any accountant’s career is becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). A CPA will require going to college with accounting as your major.

There is an examination of the national CPA exam to pass as well as work experience at a CPA firm to succeed in your accounting career.

You would need around one to two years at the CPA firm. However, this may vary between states.

Once you have achieved all the requirements, you will receive a certificate that designates you as a CPA. Many consider this one of the main steppingstones in your CPA career.

In many offices, the chief accountant is called a controller. They are in charge of managing and controlling the entire accountancy system for the business.

The controller makes sure that the accountancy system is on top of the business’s tax, ensuring that the company is legal and responsible by preparing all their financial statements.

Financial planning and budgeting are also jobs of the financial controller, which is also among the several accounting positions out there.

While most businesses only have a singular accounting professional, who will perform every task required in effectively managing the finances. They become the head chef and bottle washer all in one.

However, once the company grows and develops, there will become a time when additional personnel is needed to deal with the increased workload that comes with expansion. The controller then takes on a new role.

The role of deciding how many more pay packets can the company afford without a negative impact on the financial development of the business.

As well as everything else, the financial controller is in charge of preparing and submitting tax returns. This is far more complicated and difficult than your typical personal tax forms.

In large organizations, a controller can report to a variety of people.

Mainly the vice president of finance, who then will report to the chief financial officer who creates and manages the broad objectives for the business’s growth and profit by implementing strategies to achieve them.

You can key into any of these accounting positions, and your decision should be based on interest.

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