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Interview Follow Up – The Lost Art That Sets You Apart

interview follow up
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Have you ever felt like your inability to do an interview follow up may be responsible for not getting a job?

The art of writing an appreciation letter after an interview, phone interview, or maybe a person who recommended you to the recruiting manager is often disregarded by placement services when enlightening applicants in search of job opportunities.

These placement officers often lecture job seekers on the fundamentals of resume writing, pre-interview preparations, ways to create a reference sheet, cover letter writing as well as preparing a salary history which is often unnecessary.

What they often omit is teaching these applicants how to do an interview follow up.

The skill is a necessity as it places you ahead of other job applicants, and you often come off as considerate and insightful.

Some recruiters are constantly searching for reasons to discard some of the thousand resumes presented to them through listings posted on several media outlets concerning a vacant position in their organization.

Replying over a thousand emails can be a bit exhausting. Over time, it’s been discovered recruiters send out an automated response to all candidates informing them their mails have been successfully received.

Applicants then wait for a response from the organization or company. Aspiring candidates with the knowledge of doing an interview follow up have the edge over others.

How to execute this?

Learn to keep your appreciation letter brief and void of any grammatical errors. Should be block formatted as all formal letters usually are with addresses and basic greetings. This letter should be briefly written in two or three paragraphs.

Your first paragraph should detail your primary reason for writing as well as gratitude to the recipient for their time. You need to understand these are business-minded individuals who generally have a tight schedule.

Your second paragraph should restate your skills and qualifications and reasons why you are an excellent fit for the available position.

The third paragraph should show your gratitude towards the recipient and information on how to reach you either by phone, your e-mail or meet personally to discuss other areas.

You should end your letter in the contemporary business style, “sincerely yours.”

Most recruiters often interview multiple candidates and choose to hire those who sent an appreciation letter.

Studies have shown that only one in ten candidates see any importance in sending appreciation letters.

Your ability to do an interview follow up shows potential employers that you care about the position, that you are creative and have attention to detail.

In a sea of applicants competing for the job you are after, set yourself apart with the interview follow up.

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