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If You Love Working With Your Hands, You’ll Love Going to Welding School

welding school
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Imagine never running out of job opportunities, owning your house and car, and taking a vacation whenever you want.

It’s is the life of a professional welder who went to welding school and received specialized training.

Professional welding isn’t exactly a skill you learn in hobby welding classes. It requires formal training, following safety procedures, and specialized equipment.

Employers prefer welders with hands-on experience, not a mere interest.

In short, going to welding school is your best shot at a profitable career.

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Want to learn more about the importance of going to welding school? Here are the main points we gathered from real-life teachers and students from the best welding schools.

Think and Grow Your Skills

Learning the craft is all about developing muscle memory, dexterity, and precision.

It’s not like drawing where it’s okay to make mistakes in the beginning. No, in welding, you can hurt yourself if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Training under the supervision of experienced welders is your best bet to master this craft.

So, your hands literally memorize the moves, how to handle soldering tools, and work with metals. It’s a repetitive non-experimental process until you develop these motor skills.

Once you’ve mastered the skill, you can use metal materials to create art.

You Can Get a Welding Certification in Just 9 Months

Welding is one of the rare six-figure income careers that don’t require a college degree. However, learning in welding schools is intensive, concentrated, and fast-paced. It’s a dangerous job as well.

It takes a few months to complete a welding program and earn your certificate. Even an in-depth program won’t be longer than two years.

Unlike a bachelor’s degree that may take up to four years before you graduate, you can save your time with a welding course.

And, you can start putting your skills to use once you graduate, and hunt for jobs.

Learn Safety Standards and Stop the Risk of Injury

One of the most valuable lessons you’ll learn in a welding school is the safety classes.

Welding involves working with heavy metals and high temperatures, so you must pay attention to your safety.

Before you consider pursuing a career in welding, you must become well versed in the basics of safety.

In welding schools, experienced welding instructors are there to teach you how to remain safe while doing welding jobs.

You’ll also learn about the protective gear you should have and how to use them, like gloves, goggles, helmets, and masks.

welding school
Photo by Pavel Chernonogov from Pexels

Is This Your Dream Career?

A welding school also prepares you for the right job. Perhaps, they’ve connections within some industries. At least, they know the best available jobs and will point you in the most suitable direction.

A welding certificate can also prepare you for far more career options than being a welder. For example, within the welding industry, you can work in inspection, engineering, robotics, and even sales.

It’s also a traveling job where you get to travel a lot. It’ll take you to unusual places, from the depths of the ocean to outer space. It’s because wherever there’s metal, there’ll be welding.

There’s even a subculture around welding called “Road Warriors.” They’re the ones who live on the road and jumping from one adventure to another.

Here’s a list of all the unusual work settings that are hard to access unless you were a welder:

Industrial Complexes

Welding jobs are abundant in factories and plants.

These establishments require constant maintenance.

Your job is to keep these buildings in good shape, so they can produce the things we use every day.

Welders who do this job stay on the road for six months and travel a lot, but they take rest for the next six months.


Love the sea?

Expert welders are always in demand, especially in the shipbuilding industry. Shipyards need welders so much that they build communities for them and often have their built-in welding school.

You can participate in building all types of ships, from fishing boats to warships.

Your work will be at ports, wherever the port may be, which means you’ll do a lot of traveling around the world.

It’s so unpredictable that you won’t know where you might be a month from now. Remember, the farthest you travel, the more handsome the pay.

The Military

The military always has open job vacancies for welders who build infrastructure and repair military equipment. Some of these involve welding pipelines, servicing tanks, and equipped vehicles.

Interesting Job Opportunities for Welders

You can also work on-board cruise ships as they need pipe replacement and repairs while at sea.

You’ll be like a passenger, traveling to a new country every week. Not even travelers do that.

Your welding career may take you to the motor industry where you help build and customize race cars.

Perhaps, one of the most exciting career prospects for welders is underwater welding. However, you’ll need to go to a special diving school after you finish welding school to get this job.

Even more exciting is working in zero gravity. Sometimes, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) demands welders to work on building satellites, probes, and space stations.


The life of a welder is a life of adventure. You get to travel the world, work in exciting places, and live comfortably.

However, welding isn’t something you learn on your own. Your first mistake is your last. You must join a welding school to receive specialized training.

In school, you learn the skills and the safety standards, and it takes less than a year to earn your welding certification.

If you have an urge to see the world and do meaningful work by joining one of the most promising green-collar jobs in the world today, start by finding the right school.

Our college search tool will help you get there. Just visit: [link], and start learning.

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