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How To Write A Resume for Graduate School

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As the saying goes, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”.

The importance of this information cannot be overstated as its true when applying for a job. For those with a resume for graduate school, this is the first opportunity you have to impress the supposed employer.

If your resume isn’t well written, fair to say you may never get a second chance at presenting it.

What format is preferable when setting up a resume for graduate school candidates?

The structure of your resume is dependent on how much information and experience you’ve been able to gather before the time you are creating it.

A resume for graduate school applicants and the resume of someone already established in the workplace vary in content, with that of an experienced worker (performance resume) containing a list of experiences and proven track records of success.

A performance resume is written in reverse chronological manner with the profile coming first, followed by a list of achievements, skills, education, career history, personal information, and interests.

This resume aims to highlight achievements and responsibilities once it has handled in their career with the main emphasis being on job titles and positions held.

This can be a little intimidating to fresh graduates as they can be stuck on what t fill in due to their lack of experience.

Considering that’s the case, as a candidate presenting a resume for graduate school, you should tailor your resume to focus majorly on your profile and achievements section at the top of the page where the eyes can easily note them.

You can format your resume in the form of a performance resume due to:

  1. It is the most common resume format meaning employers can easily read it.
  2. The education serves as a means of providing a concise list of your qualifications.

Your Profile

This is a statement at the focal point of your resume that summarizes your skills and competencies such that your supposed employer can have an idea of the skills that could benefit their organization.

An example could be educational achievements, work experience, and voluntary, to name a few. You should look to be as concise as possible in detailing your skills with a full description given at other parts of your resume for graduate school.

A trick here is that you should tailor your skills such that the reader knows that your skills and relevant to the role you are applying for.

Your Achievements

This section should be used to highlight specific achievements that fall in line with the post you are applying to.

It is highly recommended you write this down n bullet points and is advised you complete it after your entire resume has been completed.

Work Experience

The importance of work experience cannot be overstated as employers need to know that you have real-world experience with proven results.

Every job comes with its required skills and competencies, and you should highlight such in your resume for graduate school.

For example:

A part-time job in the local grocery delivery store provides socializing skills, customer experience, and ability to work under pressure, willingness to meet new people, trustworthiness and in some cases ability to work in harsh conditions.

Your Skills

This section allows you to list your tech-savvy skills, spoken languages, and extracurricular courses that you might have taken or engaged in.

Do ensure to attach a word stating experience state when listing such skills, such as proficient skillset in Microsoft applications, conversational French.

Your Education

This section should contain your educational qualifications with the most recent ones coming first such as your degree or diploma certification.

For candidates presenting a resume for graduate school, another thing worth nothing Is that you should look to include only qualifications that are relevant to the job you are applying to.

You should also include only the good grades, with qualifications achieved before university included only if relevant.

Your Interests

Many often advise against including interests, but incorporating them can be a great way of saying you can easily fall into the ecosystem of the company with little to no hassle whatsoever.

Information on how you spend your time is an excellent means of sharing interests.

As a candidate presenting a resume for graduate school, it gives the reader well-rounded information of your personality and as well as the opportunity for employers to discuss with you during the interview session.

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