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How to Ensure Your Resume is Read by Recruiters

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Sometimes, the most qualified candidates for a job get ignored by recruiters when searching for people to fill a vacant position.

You must be wondering why?

Do these recruiters prefer to interview and hire the least qualified for a job?

The answer is no, definitely not. These recruiters review all resumes submitted by candidates to determine who best fits these positions on paper.

Often, there is little or no time to thoroughly go through the hundreds of resumes submitted for a job opening.

The painful truth is, most of these recruiters make decisions on who or not to discard in less than 20 seconds.

When a recruiter does not see your resume as a good match for the available position within those few seconds, your resume joins the File for Future Reference pile, which is often referred to as the Black Hole of Resumes.

So you need to sell yourself at first glance at your resume to grab any recruiter’s attention.

What do you require to stand out among the hundreds of applicants?

Ensure your resume is result-oriented and brief. Make a quick summary of all the necessary qualifications for that position.

The top of your resume should capture the mind of a recruiter, put your best foot forward, and sell yourself.

Do a background check on the organization you seek employment from, as this would give you an insight into the desired skills needed by the organization.

Recruiters seek assets, let them understand the value you intend bringing to the organization.

You can highlight this topic easily by summarizing these qualifications at the very top of your resume.

Recruiters have little time making out the ways by which you intend being an asset to the organization.

Recruiters are searching for mistakes due to the many candidate files they have to sort through. Any mistake would leave your resume disqualified, so ensure there are no errors in your resume.

To avoid your resume getting overlooked in less than 5 seconds, avoid recruiters’ major irritation;

  • Poor diction and grammatical blunders
  • Invalid or Incorrect contact information
  • False or missing employment dates
  • Poor resume formatting

The use of strange resume paper which may either be patterned or bright colored. Also, avoid using scented paper.

Employers are interested in what you do and not what employers say you should do — substitute position accomplishments for your skills, important outcomes and results.

Long and complicated resumes with several pages. You only need a page as a fresh graduate or inexperienced professional and 2-3 pages as an experienced professional in your field.

Unqualified candidates

Not forgetting to mention:

Irrelevant inclusion of information unrelated to the job. You don’t want recruiters reading through your family life, your favorite meals, your height, and other unimportant information.

Also, keep in mind, you should never attach your picture to your resume!

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