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How to be More Creative

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Allow me to reveal to you some hindrances encountered by several people while striving to be more creative.

Barriers To Creativity

These are barriers that need to be removed before you think of increasing creativity, take your time, and see if any of these currently applies to you.

1. Poor time management

Though not as detrimental as it may seem, being in the right state of mind and dedicating your time to your own experience is important. Connecting your thoughts and ideas take a few seconds to achieve at any time and place.

In my honest opinion, I would say creativity is more about the quality time available and being open-minded to different ideas. This takes some time to get used to.

2. Fear of being judged

Several people find it difficult to express their ideas, “what if they laugh at me?”, “would my suggestion be thrown right back at me?”

It is important to note that to be more creative means bringing something different, ideas that may be considered strange or difficult to execute. Ensure your fear of being called stupid does not hinder your creative prowess.

3. Low self-esteem

Being creative means, you go beyond limits, where others see as a barrier; you see as an opportunity.

When you doubt your abilities, the feeling is one of the risks and vulnerabilities. Try not to discard your ideas just to fit in, break out from this cage, and express your thoughts and ideas to the world.

4. Fear of failure

This can be a strain on your creative thoughts and ideas. Making new connections in your brain requires no inherent “positive” or “negative” about it.

There can only be two meanings to failure; it didn’t work in a way I intended it to, and someone wasn’t impressed with my idea.

Everyone and anyone can be creative; the ability isn’t restricted to a certain class or sect. Creativity does necessarily mean being a specialist in your field.

How To Be More Creative

You can try some of these ideas to increase your creativity;

1. Explore your right state of mind

Discover what state of mind brings out the creativity in you and maintain this state often.

  • What time of the day is considered ideal for you?
  • Your favorite setting?
  • Do you prefer being in the company of others or alone?
  • A silent or loud background?

Tailor your creativity state to suit you, regularly make adequate time and space, and stop waiting for things to always fall in place for you.

2. Never dismiss your dreams

Dreams can reveal quite a lot; the state could be hiding the key to your creativity. Ensure to always stay in touch with reality without dismissing your day-dreams and dreams to be more creative.

3. Question yourself regularly

Ask yourself questions such as “would it?” and “what else?” or “what more?” Never restrict yourself to just one view, push further, and discover more ideas.

4. Find out of the box solutions

Anytime you get into a difficult situation, act like readily solutions are unavailable at the time. See how far your mind goes to find a new solution to this challenge.

What if your car suddenly stops along the way, how else could you get it to start?

Are you confrontational? How about trying a different method today, like writing your thoughts and displeasure?

To be more creative, try a new approach today; the old one may not always offer the best solution.

5. Apply different approaches and get the same results

Try different methods and see if you end up with a similar outcome. This would help your mind find different solutions to any challenge you may come across. Pick up an object today and discover the various functions it can perform.

6. Leave your comfort zone

Make yourself engage in different activities, change your routine, try using a new formula to get desired results. This helps you build new brain connections, and the feeling is delightful.

7. Discover the difference that makes a difference

When you come in contact with something different, question yourself, “what is it that makes this different from others?”

Enjoy every moment of creativity, take great pleasure in taking risks, and breaking boundaries.

To be more creative, find pleasure in discovering new paths to success when it seems like the old methods have become obsolete then motivate your inner creativity.

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