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How to Avoid Common Resume Mistakes

common resume mistakes
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There are several common resume mistakes applicants make, which often proves to be detrimental to their chances of getting hired by potential employers.

“Been a month, I sent my resume, and I haven’t gotten any response from the company, I can’t seem to understand the reason behind that.”

Does this sound familiar?

This is a familiar feeling among many job seekers. You research a company, spot a possible position, prepare a cover letter and send along with your resume; then, you expect a reply from the company.

Days go by, then weeks and months, still you get nothing.

You may not have control over who a company or an organization hires, but you can boost your chances of getting called up for an interview by avoiding some common resume mistakes before sending your application.

You need to undergo an interview before being considered for a job.

Here are some of the common resume mistakes, which may be the reason you haven’t received an invitation from your potential employer yet.

Human Resources personnel often disregard cover letters with an attached resume.

These attachments often pose a viral threat. Some take up too much space in the system and hinders smooth navigation between email accounts.

Defiance to instruction is also among the common resume mistakes candidates may be guilty of. When a company requests you to send your resume within the body of an email, ensure you send it the exact way.

These attachments are often deleted or disregarded, so response to such a company may be rendered impracticable.

No salary history or requirements listed may also leave your resume abandoned. There is currently a debate on whether or not applicants need to include this information.

Not stating any salary requirement and history or simply saying that “I will provide this information in my interview with you” and could be detrimental to your chances of getting hired.

The least you can do is stating your salary structure, which could be around $100K-$150K yearly. This is both your low and high range and means you’re looking at least $120K.

Indicating “salary negotiable” seems nice to say, but it still doesn’t inform your prospective employer of the amount you wish to earn.

Are you scared of your application getting disregarded for this? Well, this is a normal feeling.

Most companies apply this technique to separate those demanding excess or too little salaries from them to get an interview invite.

You should make your findings and waste little time in deciding whether or not to apply for a position that is below your salary expectations.

Additionally, other common resume mistakes among applicants include the provision of wrong, falsified or omitted details.

Ever see a resume without the following?

  1. Email address that’s awful
  2. Phone number even worse
  3. Objective forgivable, but an inaccurate objective can be a deal-breaker.

Avoid stating your desires from the company and start informing these companies the skills and expertise you intend to contribute if given the position.

There are also some other common mistakes, such as poor grammatical application, typographical errors, wrong resume formats especially when a hard copy gets sent through mail or fax.

Others are resumes that date back to a decade and listing your high school graduation dates especially those who graduated decades ago.

Inappropriate educational history with no relevance to the position applied for, listing references. If you ever find the resume compilation quite challenging, get an expert to compose one for you.

Finally, ensure all the recruiter’s requirements are met, and instructions are adhered to, no need doing too much.

Common resume mistakes such as doing too much, which might either be sending in a cover letter or references without a request from the employer, could hurt your chances of getting hired.

Sending cover letters via the conventional mail can be regarded but may become a challenge when emails come with irrelevant attachments.

You may need to be patient with companies that categorically state that “only those applicants we plan to interview will be notified” or corresponding statements.

Having an inside man/woman in a company who can help speed things up is undeniably the best way of getting a job.

Notwithstanding, you need to avoid these common resume mistakes to stand a chance of getting hired.

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