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How to Access Your Creative Genius

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There is a creative genius in all of us, and these seven ways can help you access your inborn creativity right away.

1. Child-Like Thoughts

Adults and children have different ways of thinking, while adults have a certain way of thinking, which shows how clever they are, children tend to have an intuitive thought process thereby ensuring a far more thinking ability.

To experience this childhood inquisitiveness all over, be open-minded and ponder about different things, though present in the now but excusing yourself from what you believe to be real.

2. Make New Connections

Innovations do not necessarily require a college degree; what you need is to create a link or connection between different existing ideas.

A good example would be; ice cream was invented in 2000BC, but the idea of the ice cream cone took another 3900 years to be discovered. Pitching two separate items with a drop of creativity can produce innovations.

3. Adopt a Sense of Irrationality

It is a common trait among Westerners to tie up things in straight bundles. We often demand answers to questions as well as solutions to challenges.

Creativity requires finding comfort in disturbing situations. Incongruity can be associated with the Eastern tradition.

4. Laugh More

According to Tom Peters, creativity is measured everywhere workplace by the “laughometer” which is the amount of laughter.

One of the essential tools for accessing your creative genius is humor. It reveals a different pattern and puts different incompatible ideas.

Studies have shown that students’ problem-solving abilities increase by 60% after listening to different comedy routines.

5. Think Outside Your Limits

Several innovations we take for granted today are as a result of individuals breaking thought boundaries.

While attending a tech conference at a hotel in the 1980s, John Lynn recalls a man jokingly stating their next innovative idea, such as computerized doors.

John was back at the same hotel twenty years later, and computer-programmed key cards were used on all doors.

6. Adopt and Adapt

To become a creative genius, you do not necessarily require extraordinary thinking. Adapting a technique used elsewhere is a form of creativity.

A good example is an American airline adopting methods utilized by Formula One pit members.

Nature can also be a source of ideas just as George de Mestral invented Velcro by the adaption of certain seed nature of sticking to clothes.

7. Remember Your Dreams

We create interesting ideas when dreaming or day-dreaming. This is made possible due to our relaxed nature at this point and allowing the subconscious mind to take control.

This is referred to as “washing-up creativity” by The Roffey Park Management Institute. This is because we get sparks of inspiration from activities such as sitting in an Archimedes-like position in the bath, walking your dog, or doing some house chores.

Use these seven creative thinking methods and make them a part of your daily thinking; you can be sure of rapid and innovative solutions to your challenges.

Watch yourself become a creative genius today.

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