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How Realistic Is A $100,000 Annual Truck Driver Salary?

truck driver salary
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A truck driver salary structure may come as a shock to you. At every truck shop, you may find several trucking job magazines containing advertisements from truck companies in search of truck drivers.

Some go as far as advertising the possibilities of earning up to $100,000 annually as an owner-operator.

Well, the truth is, you can earn a good living off a truck driver salary. How is this possible?

In the United States for starters, truck drivers are in short supply. The improvements in shipments of goods from overseas make for an increase in the demand for logistics solutions.

There is also an increase in demand for faster and more competent delivery from local manufacturers to their customers.

Also, there is a significant decrease in the number of individuals venturing into the trucking sector, which can be traced down to school curriculum compelling students to believe college is the only way to secure a decent job.

Due to the reasonable truck driver salary structure, trucking jobs have created an enabling environment that anyone can make a good living off.

There is a significant disparity between truck driving and other white-collar jobs out there. You have the benefits of traveling as much or little as you desire, which may depend on the position selected.

You have absolute control of your schedule and records and also get the opportunity to travel with a friend, spouse, or maybe your household cat to create a memorable experience on the road.

This, among many other reasons, are why people choose truck driving as a preferred career choice.

Below are the three major distinctive available roles in the trucking job:

1. Owner Operators

This operator owns or leases his truck and is paid by a single company to deliver goods, and this is a contract based on a stipulated mile range.

The owner-operator has the highest earning truck driver salary potential and also the most prominent role. This is mainly because the driver builds equity in his truck while having some control in the profit generated.

2. Company Drivers

This is a trucker who is hired by the trucking company he drives for.

The truck driver salary payments are made by the hour, weekly flat rates, or based on the miles covered but will have limited control over his income as compared to an owner-operator, although he is not responsible for the maintenance and purchase of his truck.

3. Independent Truckers

This trucker owns his truck and conveys goods available through personal means.

He has no contractual obligations to any company, drives his truck, makes his own rules, and runs the trucking company personally.

The most courted trucking job remains the Owner Operator position because it gives room for a constant supply of goods and the corporate support from their contracted trucking company.

Requirements to get started

First, you need to get Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). This can be obtained from the state and grants you access to operate a commercial semi-truck.

The federal government sets the standards for a CDL, but issuance is given to drivers by the state license bureau. Just as the conventional driving tests, CDL consists of both written and skill components.

There are driving schools set up for truckers where specialized training on how to operate a Semi is acquired. There is also training on theoretical aspects of the tests.

Completion of the driving school ordinarily gets you the CDL.

Some trucking companies also operate in-house training programs for truck drivers likely to get hired.

Searching for a Trucking Job

The steps are taken when searching for a truck driving job varies. Some driving schools can help you facilitate a position in a trucking company. Although searching for a truck job personally enables you to take control of your schedule, remuneration, and locality.

Additionally, you can visit truck stops, read up truck magazines as this usually contains advertisements from different trucking companies in search of drivers which will give you an idea of the truck driver salary range.

Put a call through to some of the local trucking companies near you or try surfing the web for available trucking jobs.

In recent times, the internet has played a pivotal role in enabling truck drivers and truck companies to connect as there are many websites specialized in this kind of job placement.

These websites give truck drivers access to search through available positions, by type, location, and sometimes the remuneration.

Trucking can be beneficial emotionally and the average truck driver salary is quite encouraging.

The freedom to travel around the country while making a comfortable income has emerged truck driving as one of the most sorts after jobs.

The average truck driver salary far outweighs most employees with a college degree.

Want to give it a try? There are courses available to get you up to speed quickly. Check them out today.

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