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How a Nail Tech School Will Make You A Star Nail Stylist

nail tech school
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How bad do you want to enroll in a nail tech school and become a licensed nail stylist?

Because if you don’t want it crazily bad, you won’t survive in this game.

If nail fashion design attract you, that’s fine, but it’s not enough.

There’s a lot you must learn first.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about nail tech school and getting licensed. Then, we’ll explain the three fundamental actions you must take once you’re a certified and licensed nail tech.

You must read every word here because it contains the map to become a nail tech. If you lack the commitment to sit down for the next few minutes to understand what it takes, you won’t take the necessary steps and forever remain anything else but a nail tech school graduate.

If you want it bad enough, here it is:

Going to Nail Tech School

You’re committed to your dream. Splendid. You must do one thing before you start looking up a cosmetology, beauty, or nail tech school. Write down the date when you’re ready to apply and start your learning journey.

Then, create a list of the schools that appeal to you, call them, and arrange a school tour.

There’s no way around this process.

Your plan should center around getting the license.

Because without it, you’ve limited options. No salon would risk hiring an unlicensed nail tech. You may have the skills, but without the required credentials, you won’t get far with your career.

All in all, quality education is a necessary step to become a professional nail tech. For all that, the best nail tech school will only teach you the foundation of your industry. You’ll learn subjects like sanitization, customer service, anatomy, etc.

Nail Tech Schools Near You

The Rest Is Up To You

Meaning, after graduation, you’ll have to work the apprenticeship hours in a licensed salon to acquire the technical skills required to pass your licensing exam. Rules may vary according to your state.

If you can’t invest in high-quality education, you can do some research on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). It’s a government program that offers financial aid for students like you.

Doing nails is an art and science related to healthcare. So, you can imagine the strict rules and regulations that govern this industry.

Nail Fashion
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Just don’t except that you’ll learn acrylics overlay and creative nail art in a nail tech school unless it’s a big beauty school.

The Three Fundamental Steps You Must Take Once You Become a Licensed Nail Tech

Assuming you want to take the entrepreneurial path and be your boss instead of working in a nail salon or spa.

Here are the three steps to get you started as a professional nail tech, read and apply:

1. Choose Your Location

The spot of your salon can make or break your business. It’s of top concern to choose a lively location. Preferably, in a bustling street or near a mall, where a lot of people visit.

It should be accessible with a dedicated parking lot. Make it as inviting and comfortable as you can.

Anything you invest in building a professional set-up will be worth it as clients will prefer your salon when they feel it’s homely professional.

That includes any personal touches you can add, decorations, and down to the nail kit you use.

In nail tech school, they give you the standard set-up. In your salon, there’s much more room for personalization.

2. Start Marketing Your Business On Social Media

Get this straight: You’re not just selling your skills; you’re selling an experience.

We recommend that you build your marketing messages around your skills, but also hint at the marvelous experience your clients will have.

Pick a platform and stay consistent.

Whether it’s Instagram, your Facebook Page, or Twitter, the key is taking high-quality pictures of your work.

It won’t hurt to learn about nail poses photography. Buy a photography book through Amazon, borrow a book from the library, or watch YouTube videos on how to do it.

We encourage you to pick up these skills while studying in your nail tech school.

With each client you get, ask them to post about their experiences at your salon. Ask them for a shoutout if they’re “Instafamous.”

Referrals are everything in this game.

How bad do you want it?

In a few months, the algorithm will start noticing your dedication and high-quality photos and put you in front of more potential clients.

3. Be Available

It’s a vital step that requires some mental fortitude.

Just be available.

If you endured all the trouble of going to nail tech school and getting licensed, it means your dedication is through the roof.

Now, you might struggle at the beginning, but don’t let that sway you from achieving your dream.

Dedicate all your time to making it work. It means resisting the temptation of taking another job or calling quits when you’re so close.

Refuse to succumb when people whisper in your ears that you don’t have what it takes.

You’re the only one who cares.

When a client hasn’t knocked on your salon’s door for two weeks on a row, the next week and the week after, keep showing up.

Feel like it, no matter what.

You never know when the big moment finally arrives, so be prepared nonetheless.


When it comes to your education, don’t be afraid to invest in high-quality education, be it an online certification or a legitimate nail tech school.

Remember, the end goal is getting your license so you can become a professional nail tech.

Invest in a good camera, don’t be cheap when it comes to your supplies, and work on getting your salon licensed as soon as possible.

It’s an excellent career to choose for yourself. But you must be 100% committed to making it a reality.

Congratulations, you now understand what it takes to become a nail tech.

Go on, and rock some nails.

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