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How a Cosmetology Degree Could Be Your Ticket to the Beauty World

cosmetology degree
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A cosmetology degree is the first-class ticket to work in the beauty industry.

It takes a lot of talent, passion, and work.

Many people leave their lucrative jobs in corporate America to become beauticians.

To understand the ins and outs of this fascinating field, keep scrolling.

Working as a Cosmetologist

It’s no secret that a high-demand skill is required to succeed in the beauty industry.

Highly-talented beauticians get to work in the movie industry as special effects makeup artists. You may also become a sought-after hairstylist; celebrities will chase you to do their hair. If you’re considerably talented you may become the go-to beauty influencer.

To kick-start your beauty career all you need is a cosmetology degree.

As a licensed cosmetologist, the salon will be your natural habitat. You start by building up your reputation. You work around the clock to make sure your clients look their best.

The stronger your skills, the more you’re free to work on your own time. You’d schedule appointments with clients when you’re ready for them.

Most salons open from Tuesday to Saturday, and many works on Mondays with two days off every week.

As for your duties, they’re many.

It’s not something you study in school. For instance, you answer phone calls, keep the salon clean, and sell beauty products.

Not to mention, discussing the latest beauty products with representatives who try to persuade you to use their products in your work.

Next, the real hard work begins as you style, cut, and color hair.

You do everything and more, and with different clients at the same time. On top of that, you’ll be advising patrons about what goes best for them and recreating some looks from pictures that your customers provide.

Imagine arriving to the salon in your first day. You talk with the receptionist about clients who’re coming today and those who cancelled.

Then, you prepare your salon by putting everything in place. The shampoo, conditioner, or styling products, and anything else that’s not in stock.

When your fist client comes knocking, you’ll discuss what she wants in full detail. You’ll do your magic to her from washing, cutting, drying, to styling.

At this point, a lunch break is impossible as you have four more clients to serve.

Even after the break, you might have a bride coming who needs wedding preparations. From styling extensions, makeup, to eyebrow wax, you’ve your hands full.

But you enjoy every minute of it because in your mind you were born for this and can’t wait for tomorrow so you can do it all again.

It all starts with earning your cosmetology degree.

A Degree in Cosmetology

Cosmetologists are professional beauty givers. They take care of your hair, nails, and skin.

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A wide-ranging cosmetology program allows you to study hair-styling, skincare, and makeup, among others.

Upon successful completion of your cosmetology degree, you earn your diploma. But you can’t join the workforce until your state give you the license to practice cosmetology.

Examination and qualifications vary from state to state, so you must study the rules before you take the plunge. More on that later.

The fundamental factor is finding an accredited school that prepares you for the state exam.

The highest degree you can attain in cosmetology isn’t a bachelor’s degree. No college or school offers a bachelor’s degree in cosmetology.

You can’t earn a Ph.D. in cosmetology either.

Maybe because it’s a highly technical field, so practice is more important than theory.

However, an associate’s degree is the most comprehensive degree available in cosmetology.

It’s more than enough to start your career. Otherwise, you can find other courses and programs.

A typical course in cosmetology takes between 12 and 18 months, while an associate degree program takes two years to complete.

To illustrate, you can find a comprehensive program that treats a specific area that attracts you.

Imagine yourself as someone passionate about nail art and want to master this art. Applying for a program that covers that specific area will save you time and money more than pursing an associate degree in cosmetology.

An associate degree is ideal when you’re passionate about the beauty industry in general but unsure where to start.

You’ll learn everything from basic to advanced. From chemistry, hair analysis, to sanitation and sterilization.

It can also help you understand the fundamentals of salon and spa management if you want to start your business.

Earning a Cosmetology Degree Online

Unlike some other fields, cosmetology is a hands-on practice.

You can’t truly learn until you use your hands.

Still, a comprehensive course in cosmetology will offer lectures, books, DVDs for training purposes. But you must get involved at some point.

That’s why you’ll find it seriously hard to learn cosmetology online. Granted, you can find online cosmetology courses with excellent educational material. However, finding a reliable source is quite challenging.

The next challenge is finding time to study. Whether you’re a busy professional or want to switch career, it isn’t feasible to put your career on hold until you earn your cosmetology degree.

Studying online can help in this area. Some cosmetology programs offer part-time education and night-time classes.

In short, if it’s something you truly desire, you’ll find the time.

Whether you choose a cosmetology school or online courses, practicing is of paramount importance.

Getting Licensed as a Cosmetologist

To enroll in a cosmetology program, you must have a high school diploma or its equivalent.

You’ll also need a high school diploma for the state board of cosmetology to consider your application. It’s almost a universal requirement in every state.

Thus, before you consider obtaining a cosmetology degree, make sure you have this item checked.

The licensing exam involves oral, written, and practical knowledge of your chosen field. In some states, the board requires you have a specific number of hours working as a cosmetologist.

It’s why you should enroll in a cosmetology program that offers hands-on experience.

It’s wise to heed the cosmetology practice laws in your target state before you choose the school.

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