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Healthcare is a fast-growing industry, thanks to the new developments in diagnosis and treatment and a steadily aging population that requires medical attention. This means that pharmaceutical careers are needed more than ever, thanks to the increased use of medication that is driving this growth.

The pharmaceutical industry brings a steady stream of innovative equipment and new products to the industry and helps healthcare professionals to improve their knowledge and skills rapidly. They ensure their presence through their network of pharmaceutical representatives.

Here is an overview of vital pharmaceutical careers and their role in industry growth.

The Medical Representative

The medical representative is a seller who educates doctors about the latest innovations in practice. Competent medical representatives can save the doctor’s time and instruct him about the most advanced developments in any field of medical treatment.

As new and more effective medications are continually being developed, this becomes one of the critical pharmaceutical careers.

The role of the medical representative is to clearly explain to the doctor why is the new medication an improvement over existing therapies. To be able to do this professionally, the future representative undergoes intensive training in sales skills that educates him with extensive product knowledge.

The common practice is to accompany expert representatives who pass their experience and knowledge of efficient methods.

After becoming skillful in sales and product knowledge, they need to schedule appointments with GPs, which is no easy task and give their sales pitch clearly in the little time available.

They are salesmen after all, and they are always trying to meet their target sales.

Product Managers

Also, among the different pharmaceutical careers is the product manager who plans the marketing campaign and keeps track of the campaign results. He is a marketing specialist whose goal is to recognize the needs of a potential buyer and make a presentation that will get his attention.

They are responsible for producing the sales literature, and they monitor the impact of the sales materials and presentations, and the marketing campaign in general. They create the image and the brand of the product, which makes product management a vital pharmaceutical industry career path.

Sales Managers

Sales managers are usually former medical representatives with enough experience and skills to lead a team of young and ambitious medical representatives.

They are responsible for training new representatives and motivating them to produce maximum results and develop a passion for their job.

Pharmaceutical Lawyers

The pharmaceutical industry is strictly regulated for obvious reasons. Various regulations govern the sales campaigns that need to be approved, with rigorous rules which dictate what information can and need to be included in sales literature.

Getting these approvals may take plenty of time, as there are many procedures and formalities. A good lawyer who is familiar with this process is a valuable asset for a pharmaceutical company. This also means it is a stable pharmaceutical industry career for the lawyer.

Other Pharmaceutical Industry Careers

We mostly discussed pharmaceutical careers that are sales-related. Besides salesman and marketing experts, pharmaceutical companies need researchers, pharmacists, HR managers, and various other technical and non-technical employees to manage their business.

Pharmaceutical companies spend billions of dollars to research and discover new medications and conduct clinical trials until some governing agencies like the Federal Drug Administration finally give their approval for the drug marketing campaign.

There are plenty of pharmaceutical Industry jobs in non-sales areas that require training and experience.

Whether sales or non-sales, expect good pay when you pursue a profession in any of these pharmaceutical careers.

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