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Having Control Over The Power Of Your Thoughts

the power of your thoughts
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The power of your thoughts can be said to be the most significant weapon of man.

We possess intelligence within that can propel us to unimaginable heights.

We all need to learn to work with this organized intelligence to react to our intentions and to develop a life filled with joy and abundance.

We all have certain birthrights; freedom, happiness, friendship, love, wealth, and health.

We were made to enjoy life in freedom, wealth and health. Our thoughts may be a stumbling block if our lives don’t reflect this. To create happiness, you need to have control over the power of your thoughts.

To have the desired life, have positive thoughts. When life becomes quite different from what you hoped for, change your thought process as this could be the missing piece of the puzzle.

Understand this; you have total control of your thoughts. No one can put thoughts in your head without your permission. Take charge of what goes on in your mind; you are the guardian of thoughts. Carefully select the positive thoughts that bring positive results and changes to your life.

Stop thinking about the things you do not wish to experience.

Slowly read that again; stop thinking about the things you do not wish to experience.

This means you should never think negative thoughts about yourself as these thoughts may manifest. If you don’t want to be weak, stop thinking you are. If you don’t want to lose your dog, stop thinking about the possibilities.

Replace this negative thought with self-motivation. Start thinking of how handsome you are or how intelligent you have become over the years. Think positive!

Whichever thought you are holding on to has an energy level because thoughts are energy. So would you rather dwell in thoughts that improve or reduce your energy level?

In this case, it’s better to say “this is in your head” rather than “this is in your hand,” but the simple truth is, you are in control of your thought process. Whatever you feel, and the actions you take are all down to your thoughts. Thoughts birth actions, so control the power of your thoughts.

Each of us can choose thoughts that either hinder us or prevents us from developing. The ability to consciously choose your thoughts is not as complicated as it may seem. All it takes is consistent practice and awareness.

You become the captain of your life when you have mastered the art of controlling your thoughts.

Just in case you find thought control a bit difficult, at least have control over your utterances. Let only positive words come out of your mouth. Never wish bad on anyone if you do not want this to actualize.

Be mindful of your thoughts, your words, and your mouth and be the captain of your life.

Your life solely depends on yourself and not anyone.

The power of your thoughts and the ability to master your thoughts is what your life depends on, and this should be your goal.

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