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graphic designer career
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I did not venture into my graphic designer career the conventional way.

Truthfully, I sort of stumbled into it.

You see, my training had made me a code monkey.

Despite being an artist from a young age, to me it was always more of a hobby than a professional career.

This led me into choosing computer science as a profession rather than going to a graphic design school.

I settled into the decision of using coding to pay the bills and doing the artistic stuff as a relaxing past-time instead.

However, graphic design happened to be a requirement in one of my very first jobs.

I realize now that a lot of graphic designers begin their careers this way. Something I was not aware of at the time.

I fell in love with the design work as soon as I started it.

Programming was always something I liked doing, but I realized that my true calling was graphic design.

In today’s world, going to a graphic design school is vital to have a career in the field.

However, I was fortunate enough back then to just sort of stumble into it.

Eventually, after moving from one graphic design job to another, my work had boiled down to 85% graphic design and 15% coding.

That proportion seemed right to me, so I went along with it.

Of course, there are numerous other ways to kick-start a graphic designer career.

One of the most popular and seemingly simple ones is to simply put your design work on the internet.

Many people put up some demos to show their skills on a homepage, and focus on networking as much as possible.

Freelance graphic designers who have not been tried yet get hired by a lot of clients, particularly small graphic designers who do not have the resources to hire big design firms.

Therefore, it is not that hard for novice graphic designers to get their first break.

However, in the mean time, these graphic designers have got to find alternate ways to earn a living.

You can quit your day job and go full time, once the offers start to come in though.

Despite there being a lot of professional graphic designers in the market, there is also a lot of work.

Sooner or later, you will find enough opportunities as long as you stick with it.

Get started with your graphic designer career today!

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