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Get a social work degree and help people change their life for the better

social work degree
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The essence of obtaining a social work degree is a desire to help people overcome difficult challenges in their life.

Today, more than ever, our society is facing so many social issues like poverty, addiction, and unemployment. Even in this age of modern technology people who face challenges like disabilities, abuse, and mental illness, are often ostracised from society without proper care.

Social work is about social justice and equality and if you believe in these values, maybe you are destined for social work studies. A social work degree is not only about supporting people but about cooperating with them and showing them how to improve their living conditions.

Social workers help community members to develop new skills and change their pessimistic mindset by encouraging them to be proactive and take back control of their life.

This is one of the noblest professions in the world, but also very challenging physically and emotionally. You need to be a good listener and counsel people who have to deal with various problems, so scoring high on emotional intelligence is a requirement to do this job.

There is no greater satisfaction than to help people and stand by their side every step of the way, as they slowly progress, find solutions and finally improve their lives. Knowing that you were the one who inspired them and gave them the strength to change their life is an overwhelming feeling.

Those who seek a social work degree are typically mature, sensitive, and stable individuals capable of assisting others through difficult situations, such as emotional, physical, or sexual abuse. They are able to connect with people emotionally, step inside their shoes and fully understand the social effects of unemployment, traumas, or life-threatening diseases.

Carrying for others and providing social support is one of the things that makes us humans. If you think that this world needs a little more empathy to make it a better place, think about embarking on social work studies.

How to get a social work degree?

Students enrolled in a four-year social work study will combine theoretical classes and lectures with practical experience in various social institutions and care facilities. You will learn the basics of different types of social work, like working with individuals, families, and communities, and attend courses in social policy, welfare, and human behavior.

As part of the practical experience, students might work with homeless people, immigrants, or foster children to get first-hand experience in their future occupation. This can also help them to select the area of social work that interests them, so they may specialize in that field in the future.

social work degree
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These practical experiences are similar to volunteering and are required to successfully graduate and earn a social work degree. If you choose to pursue your degree online, you will probably have to to the practicum to finish your course.

Many accredited colleges offer students the possibility to get their degree online if they choose so. The only difference between online and classic brick-and-mortar schools is that online education is meant for those who need more flexibility with their class schedule.

A typical social work degree curriculum may include topics like:

• social welfare and social environment
• policies and strategies for community intervention
• methods used in social work
• general psychology and sociology
• statistics and research methods

If you have any bachelor’s degree that’s not related to social work, it will allow you to apply for a master’s program in social work. If you want to study for a bachelor’s social work degree, you will need to find a good college that offers you an opportunity to pursue your education goals.

To help you find one, we developed our search tool, which you can use to browse through the colleges across the nation until you find the one that is right for you. Pick the one that offers the best curriculum, focused on those areas that you would like to specialize in, and you will be on a path to get your degree in social work.

What will you do with a social work degree?

Social workers may work in schools, government agencies, or healthcare facilities on counseling clients and patients, depending on the area in which they choose to specialize. Many of them focus on working with specific segments of the population, such as children or people with mental disabilities.

They organize support groups and assist family members in populations that are vulnerable to medical problems, or monitor and support individuals with substance abuse problems. Because they are very conscious about problems of society, some social workers work in administration by lobbying for changes to address these issues.

A social work degree is a prerequisite for case managers who help clients find the best health, financial, and social programs they need to overcome difficult situations. They track people’s progress, identify any obstacles, and make sure they follow recovery plans to keep them on the right track.

One may become a community health worker who acts as a mediator between communities and social and health services, by informing the people about available programs and their legal rights. They improve the overall quality of their life and provide easier access to these services for those who need them the most.

If you would like to help people who struggle with alcohol or drug addiction, and other behavioral problems, you may become a substance abuse counselor. They teach people to change their behavior and to recover, and they often collaborate with other professionals to evaluate their client’s medical and social conditions.

As a school social worker, you will be the link between pupils, school, and families, dealing with adolescent’s educational or personal problems to make sure their needs are being met. You may also support children with disabilities and help their integration into a school community.

Be an equalizer

Some people do not have many options in their lives, and you can be their voice who helps them overcome social injustice and improve their standard of life.

You must be able to listen to them with patience and compassion and understand their needs to be able to develop trust and strong relationships. Only then you can lead them to the path of improvement.

Get your social work degree and help people to integrate into society and become valuable and productive members.

This career is interesting, complex and above all rewarding experience that shows you every day that you can make a difference in other people’s lives.

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