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Fired Before You’re Hired Five Ways to Ruin Any Interview

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Be punctual. Dress appropriately. Write an appreciation note, and do not falsify your application.

The job search fundamentals are complete; what’s left is battling the gods of employment who are bent on not getting you that dream job.

Are you seeking an interview session after a layoff or total career change? Keep these important interview sins in mind always.

1. Don’t get too friendly.

During your interview session, you get into a serious discussion with your interview about politics or sports. Understand this; a relaxed interview setting is no excuse to get nonchalant. Maintain total professionalism always. You can tell your war stories later but get hired first.

2. Extensive training is of the essence.

Interview articles, job-hunting books, and reading interview questions are a good way to prepare for an interview, but this doesn’t necessarily equate the conventional interview raging seat.

Reading several football-related books and articles doesn’t mean you would be a professional footballer on the field of play.

Get a friend and hypothetically try these interview sessions. Interview articles and books contain a long list of interview questions to train with.

A better option will be if you know anyone who is a hiring manager for another company or organization. Ask them to help you conduct a hypothetical interview.

This method helps you learn from your mistakes. Better here than the interview room, right? You build your confidence and responses.

Develop random questions as unexpected questions could be asked during an interview session.

3. Maintain your silence.

After each question, keep your composure and remain silent. There are two types of interviewers you should take note of; the “poker face” and the “yes man.”

The poker face interviewer asks you a question and acts lifeless during the interview session. The trick is, you may try to engage the interviewer to evoke a smile or a nod. Then you find yourself explaining yourself, and suddenly you keep going around a circle.

It may be too late before you realize the game the interviewer is playing with you, too bad you already lost.

Well, you can redeem yourself still with this knowledge. Answer the next question extensively, precisely and without unnecessary narratives.

The “yes man” is the other tough guy. This interviewer acts more lively as compared to the “poker face” interviewer. He nods his head and seems to follow every one of your utterances.

The excitement makes you elaborate endlessly, and you could find yourself telling the interviewer how much you would like to be the CEO of the company and guess what? The interviewer would still nod his head.

The “yes man” may honestly nod to show his understanding of your speech, but after a while, he may only nod to tell you, “I understand, you can stop now, please.”

4. Remember to tone it down.

Stay positive always. Even when expressing your thoughts about your previous employer, stay on the positive sides.

If you feel exhausted by the whole interview process, maintain your composure. Take your mind to the one time you hid your past manager’s shoes, and he walked the whole office with his feet.

Take yourself to those happy moments. If you are the sarcastic type, try to balance this behavioral trait in front of a stranger.

5. Bring enough supplies

Take a notepad, a pen, and extra copies of your resume and references. Taking notes depicts a visionary and committed applicant.

You may find these notes useful when writing an appreciation letter to the interviewer.

In a case of multiple interviewers, ensure a separate resume is made for each person.

What’s the worst that could happen? Maybe provide only a resume and end up with consecutive interview sessions and leaving you with nothing for the next round.

These tips would be immensely needed if you are getting back to the labor force after a long break or layoff or seeking a different career path. Maybe you just needed excuses to stay unemployed then you found the right tips.

Taking cognizance of these interview tips would help you achieve your career goals.

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