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Finding Yourself Again

finding yourself again
Photo by Nur Andi Ravsanjani Gusma from Pexels

Do you sometimes feel lost and desire some useful methods for finding yourself again?

From the time we can walk and talk, we are told to blend in, to not cause waves.

This habit seems to follow us into adulthood. We always seem to find the need to please people, our friends, and our loved ones.

When we do this, we have to suppress who we are to ensure we don’t ruffle any feathers.

Our relationship with our self is far more important than any other. If we can’t have a healthy relationship with ourselves, how can we have one with someone else?

If you wish to or currently on the path to finding yourself again, think of the next five ideas to see if they can help you.

Mute the noise

They are always there whispering away, constantly nagging you to do this, to do that. With everything that is going on in your mind, how could you hear your voice throughout it all?

To be able to hear your thoughts, you need to quiet the noise.

Start to assess the whispers. Set up systems, simplify what happens with them, and establish a way to juggle the overflow.

Think about yourself positively; this helps greatly in finding yourself again.

You need to appreciate and know your value. To know that your Real Self can and will offer to something in the world.

You need to be able to start and continue this positive and healthy communication with yourself. You talk to yourself more than any other person in the world- that makes it your responsibility.

By listening and paying attention to what you are saying is the best way to improve this. To notice what you say, start writing down your thoughts to help in finding yourself again.

Then you will see what you truly say about yourself. The challenge is to convert “I never do anything right” to “Yes, I can do things right.”

Listen to yourself

It sounds easy, but once we have grown up and are adults. We stop listening to what our hearts have to say and only listen to our heads.

Finding yourself again requires you to start thinking by both your hearts and brains. It is easy to get used to not feeling your feelings.

Thinking over things is always the best step.

So instead of thinking what you think about it. You should ask yourself, why is it important.

Try not to set a specific goal

What you need to focus on are your feelings. Feelings like love, respect, and appreciation are far better things to look out for.

Then company cars, or a great guy/girl or the four-bedroom house in the country. Keeping a lookout for how feelings affect you and interact with your life is a far better way of living.

By adapting your habits and methods, finding yourself again becomes easier to achieve.

The goals in your life should not be defined by how they affect your life but how they satisfy you.

When this begins to happen, you will start to realize what you want in life and connect to your true self.

A true self, you can know and love completely.

You only need the patience to finding yourself again!

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