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Finding Happiness in Your Treasure Chest

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You just might be searching the wrong places if you haven’t found genuine happiness in life.

Our thought process determines the level of happiness we will experience because our thoughts are a reflection of what goes on in our minds. Let’s place our memories into three different chests to embark on the journey to happiness.

  • The Treasure Chest: This is where we keep our most cherished memories. When searching for happiness, comfort, and satisfaction, we open this chest.
  • The Hope Chest: this contains our dreams and aspirations for tomorrow.
  • The Dumpster Chest: this contains all our painful and disappointing memories. The moment these negative feelings get into this chest; they are disregarded. The moment you dump these feelings into this chest, you should never revisit.

Happy people have happy thoughts, and it’s that simple. Our thoughts reflect our exact personality.

You might think happy people don’t have these unhappy thoughts, they do. They learn how to move these unhappy feelings into the Dumpster Chest and forget about its existence.

A person’s action or remarks towards you, whether positive or negative, is a reflection of them and not you.

Do you think they are happy?

What do they store in their Treasure Chest or Hope Chest that they should have left in the Dumpster Chest of their minds?

You can feel sorry for them but never let it bother you.

To experience genuine happiness, spend time with your thoughts. Keep the pleasant ones in your Treasure or Hope Chest and drop the unpleasant ones in the Dumpster Chest.

Pay more attention to your Treasure Chest and Hope Chest for within lies your priceless happiness and fulfillment.

While the sad ones are constantly sorting out the dumpster, happy people spend time adding to their Treasure and Hope Chest.

Take a bold step today, search for genuine happiness by leaving all the dirt behind you. Become a treasure hunter and notice the positive changes in your life.

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