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Each day, a large number of people are in an endless search of a path to happiness, but they often fail to find it. They always feel they can achieve true happiness only if conditions were different. Do you feel this way at times?

We often get caught up with the “if only,” which prevents us from having a positive view of situations. If only my wife were good with chores. If only my job paid better. If only my kids could grow up quickly. The list is endless.

Our time can waste away if we continue to get stuck thinking of the “if only.” Most people get into this trap and end up losing the best years of their lives.

These people somehow believe happiness should locate them, like some prized possession. When they finally experience some joy, it is short-lived.

Some mistake happiness for just any feeling that should be grabbed before it disappears. Well, this is not true as happiness can also be a part of our everyday life. When we follow some basic rules, we can experience genuine happiness every day of our lives.

The first step to finding a path to happiness is by living in the present. Yesterday cannot be regained, and tomorrow holds uncertainty. Live in the now.

The next step is to develop the ability to control your thought process and everything that comes to your mind. We can also refer to happiness as a state of mind, and the best route to finding true happiness is building the right state of mind.

Let’s try this analogy; I reside in Los Angeles and would love to stay in New York; all I need to do is change cities. To achieve this, I’d need a means of transportation. For this analogy, the train would be my means of transit.

This train must go in your direction to arrive at the desired destination. If you have no knowledge of what trained you are on, you might end up in a wrong destination.

The train in the analogy is your thoughts, the train of thought. Get on the right train if you wish to reside in New York. You might never arrive at your desired destination if you let just any thought into your mind.

You must be asking yourself right now, so how do I get on the right train?

Gratitude! Yes, you read that correctly. This is the ticket to getting on the right train, finding the right path to happiness.

Be thankful for all that you have instead of dwelling on the negatives. You can be in a better state today by just being grateful for the positives in your life. Gratitude is an attitude.

Choose the path to happiness today; that path is gratitude.

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