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Earn A Hospitality Degree And Travel The World

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Students who study to obtain a hospitality degree learn the art of pleasing customers and guests.

If you want to master the business of the tourism industry, it might be for you.

It’s a career that helps you travel the world and meet new people. So, if you love traveling and people, you’ll love hospitality.

We’ll cover everything from how to get a hospitality degree to the jobs you can get.

Get A Hospitality Degree

You have two paths to obtain this degree. You either join a university college or earn it through online hospitality courses.

For an entry-level job in tourism, you need only a high school diploma. But to get a higher-level position you need a higher degree.

For example, you can start with an entry-level job and climb the corporate ladder slowly.

In other words, you can earn an associate’s degree in hospitality and get the same higher-level job. Otherwise, you’d spend more years of work to achieve the same result.

An associate’s degree has its limits as you only learn the basics of hospitality. In that case, you spend more years to get promoted.

To get an even higher-level job, you need a bachelor’s degree in hospitality, where you study the tourism industry in-depth.

While it may take you four years to complete your bachelor’s degree, it’ll prepare you to get the higher-level job you want.

If you have a high school diploma, you’ll spend 20 years to get to a higher-level job. The same position you can get with a bachelor’s degree where you spend only four years.

The topics you study in a hospitality college are like what you study in a business school, but with a focus on tourism.

If you want to advance your career to its fullest potential, go for a master’s or a doctoral degree in hospitality where you specialize in a specific area. It may take you an additional three to six years after you earn your bachelor’s degree.

The Jobs You Can Get with A Hospitality Degree

Tourism is a vast industry offering millions of jobs. Perhaps, it’s one of the largest industries in terms of job categories.

An entry-level job in this industry could be a housekeeper, porter, or waiter. We refer to these jobs as front-of-the-house jobs as they involve interacting with customers face-to-face.

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With an associate’s degree, you can work as a concierge or supervisor, whether in the parking lot in a casino or the kitchen.

As a graduate with a bachelor’s degree in hospitality, you can become a director of activities aboard a cruise ship, manager of a spa center, or an event planner.

The higher your degree, the closer you get to a management-level job in the tourism industry. As an example, the general manager of a worldwide chain of hotels is more likely to hold a master’s degree in hospitality than a high school diploma.

Of course, exceptions exist.

Earning Your Hospitality Degree On Campus vs. Online

Joining a hospitality college when you’re fresh out of high school, then finding a job when you graduate is the ideal situation.

While you’re studying in college, you can balance an entry-level job, which helps you apply your knowledge in real life.

That’s not always the case, though.

If you have a family to support, you don’t have the luxury of going back to school to earn your hospitality degree.

An online hospitality school is an available option. You can work while you study. Start with an associate’s degree and build your way up from there.

The associate’s degree will help you get a higher paying job. The goal is to earn a bachelor’s qualification so you can get an even more distinguished position.

Apply for a master’s degree or a doctoral, and keep promoting yourself.

That way, you can accelerate your career, and achieve a higher income, faster.

There’s a small difference between what you learn on-campus and online.

The courses are typically the same. Remember, a hospitality school is a business school with a focus on hospitality.

If you already have a job in tourism, but you don’t have a degree, go online.

You’ll learn on the job.

If you’re still in school, find a job and start building your career early.

Either way, earning a hospitality degree will be time-saving as you build your career on a solid foundation.

Again, studying for four years to earn a degree will save you 20 years of work without it.

In a nutshell, if you’re a fresh high school student, go to college. If you’re already working with your high school diploma, find an online school.

We have a simple guide that’ll help you find the right school for you, click here to access it.

What To Do If Your Hospitality Degree Fails You

Tourism is one of the biggest industries in the world, and it’ll continue to grow. People won’t stop traveling and seeking adventure.

Plus, hospitality isn’t about hotels and restaurants. Other venues need your experience. Cruise ships, resorts, and luxury brands seek professionals all the time.

But what if you earn it and still can’t get a job?

It’s most unlikely, but it can happen to you.

The best part about the hospitality degree is it’s focused on business. That is, applying your knowledge in other industries outside tourism.

The skills and experiences you gain from studying are highly transferable. Ask any HR specialist.

At its core, hospitality is the science and art of customer satisfaction. Every business prioritizes customer satisfaction.

Don’t worry: A hospitality degree can’t fail you.

All in all, if you can see through your customer’s eyes, feel responsible for them, and make them feel happy, you’re on the safe side.


If you love to make people happy while traveling around the world, a hospitality degree can be the answer.

It doesn’t make a difference to study offline or online. The key is finding what works for your situation.

To accelerate your career, keep working while you’re studying.

Make the most out of your entry-level job as it’s the first step to a management-level job.

If you stopped loving hospitality for any reason, you can get a behind-the-scenes job or switch career entirely.

Make people happy.

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