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Develop An Attitude of Gratitude

attitude of gratitude
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Check within yourself, do you have an attitude of gratitude?

Winning the lottery would undoubtedly be a wonderful feeling.

Think of the best things life has to offer; houses, money, travel, all these are not enough by themselves.

It takes the right state of mind to find pleasure in these things. You need an attitude of gratitude.

Be Thankful

You enjoy life better when you have a heart of gratitude when you can look around you and have reasons to give thanks to God. This has nothing to do with religion, but when you view life as an amazing gift, the experience cannot be compared to all the gold in the world.

Let’s imagine you living a child-like life; you wake up to Christmas every morning.

One may be tempted to think genuine gratitude is derived from all the things you have. You can always give thanks for your wealth, an amazing family, and maybe a castle in your name.

Do you believe there are people out there with all these things and still not happy while the world is filled with starving people who are thankful for the little they have? Ungrateful, don’t you think? Do you sometimes wonder where such feeling comes from?

Developing Gratitude

Your perspective on things is what creates a heart of gratitude. This feeling naturally comes from genuinely appreciating all the people and things in your life.

This is also something that can be learned with an open heart.

You can begin by noticing loved ones that are part of your life and the beautiful things around you. Stop and smell the roses.

Use the same approach shown towards the roses and apply it to your everyday life — no need ignoring all the negativity in the world but dwell on the positives and develop the attitude of gratitude towards everything.

Put down the things you hold dear to you and every good thing that happens in your life. Do this regularly until you develop a positive view of everything.

If you suddenly start seeing black sneakers after just purchasing one yourself, you do understand how consciousness can change the perception of reality. Teach your mind to see the amazing things over again and watch out for them regularly.

When you develop the habit of “counting your blessings” gratitude, then the only natural outcome is a fulfilled experience.

Make it part of your everyday life, develop the attitude of gratitude towards everything.

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