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Creative Loafing

Creative Loafing
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Ever applied creative loafing?

This is a form of idea generation and a problem-solving technique that involves taking a step back or relaxing to help your mind develop new ideas.

Find what relaxes your mind and body, and during this period, you may discover new ideas. Allow random thoughts into your mind and apply any of the techniques for idea generation.

Creative Loafing Technique and Examples

Take a seat in your living room, switch on the television, and see what you may find. Sometimes, you may find a clue to the ideas you have been nurturing on your television. You know what helps you relax better, use this as an advantage as this will help improve your creative abilities.

If you find writing quite relaxing, then do some writing. The essence of this is to relax your mind and help you create new ideas and solve problems. Most people crumble under pressure, and this is what makes creative loafing essential to the mind.

Relax your mind and think of new ideas; “why not put tires underneath a board and call it the skateboard.” This may look strange at first but try and nurture different thoughts; this is what creativity embodies.

Think of other aspects of an idea “I can put these small tires underneath a shoe too and call them roller-skates.”

To train your mind using this technique, relax and

  • Think of a mobile application that helps lock your automobile from anywhere.
  • Imagine a new form of transportation that enables you to travel in the blink of an eye.

You can sense how easy these new ideas naturally come to mind?

Then educate yourself on some of these techniques and apply them to solve challenges.

You can have a notebook close to you; this is to write down ideas that may spring up during your creative loafing time.

Ensure to make the best out of this period.

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