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Creative Imagination 101

creative imagination
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Creative imagination goes beyond mere active imagination.

Let’s take daydreaming, which is a mode of imagination as a case study. This can consist of complicated visions but one containing everyday thoughts of individuals.

This implies that creative imagination also includes the ability to visualize realistic content and not mere imaginations.

Creative Imagination 101

You must begin by training your fundamental imagination.

This could simply be visualizing in images more often or shuffling music in your mind.

You can also play a few movies or follow scripts in your mind until you can watch and act them in reality.

This process is quite easy, but those who can’t naturally pull this off may require regular training. The good news is, it’s a comfortable form of exertion.

The next step to take in advancing your creative imagination is to become more innovative, mentally, and imaginatively. Understand your creativity and dedicate your time to it, the subconscious gives us back what we dedicate our time to and even more.

The moment we pay less attention to our creative sides, we send a signal to the subconscious of the insignificance of our abilities.

Meanwhile, if you highlight your creative moments, the subconscious takes a record of this and gives you more innovative ideas.

Ever considered a change of environment?

  • Take your partner bowling if you desire more creativity in your relationship.
  • Try sitting by the lake to write if you are a professional writer.
  • Need new business ideas? Take a notebook along with you and head to a garden.

You can wipe the specks of dust off your thinking process by changing your environment.

You can also engage your mind in different games to help develop your creative imagination.

You can try the “concept combination” technique. You can play this alone or with a group, placing random concepts together to form a greater concept. With groups, you can randomly combine concepts and share the best ideas.

Don’t Wait for Creative Imagination

Be mentally ready and modify everything in your view, stop waiting for the perfect opportunity and get to work.

Creative inspiration can hit you at any point in time, but there is a higher probability of it striking when you find yourself busy.

Let different thoughts hit you, a bigger ship than the titanic, a faster means of transit; let your thoughts be limitless.

Creative imagination is not restricted to finding a solution to every problem but also questioning principles.
To regularly attain creativity, it is important to make these three principles a priority:

1. Perspective Modification:

Changing your perspective on certain issues may give you better results. You are a product marketer whose primary purpose is selling to your customers. Have you ever imagined how a customer views a certain product? Have you ever tried seeing from their point of view? This could be the key to unlocking different possibilities.

2. Challenge Assumptions:

Start asking questions no one else would. “why do we need air to survive?” or “why can’t humans fly like the birds in the sky?”. Creative imaginations do not conform to the norm.

3. Give Way to Limitless Ideas:

What if we studied the process by which airplanes fly and apply this to humans? We could be witnessing flying humans just like we see in comics.

Keep asking those questions. Filter those wild imaginations.

Use these techniques regularly to ensure it naturally becomes a part of your thought process.

Habits take weeks to develop, start using them today, and keep reminding yourself every day.

To help you remember these techniques, you can have a notebook you carry everywhere that reminds you of them.

It’s just a matter of time before you develop better creative imaginations.

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