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Create Your Own Destiny

Create Your Own Destiny
Photo by Mircea Ploscar from Pixabay

Break out of the constant imitation of others and create your own destiny.

Imitating others do not necessarily result in a recreation of their wealth, fame, or attitude.

We can copy their external features like their lifestyle, mode of dressing, the same brand of automobile but this does not guarantee accomplishment. Be original and create your own destiny

We must make careful consideration before taking another’s lifestyle. Study what makes them distinctive and ask yourself this: “Do I have inestimable value myself?” and “How do I produce this from within?”. The moment you are mindful of the negative traits in people, tell yourself to “never develop such bad habits.”

Inside every one of us lies hidden potential. How can we make this potential bloom? The day you switch on your individuality, you start showcasing your God-given talents and abilities, natural abilities which is unquestionable.

Strive to create your own identity. Create your own destiny! Do this and watch how others become attracted to you. Never imitate anyone.

The interesting thing is, others may imitate you for being original. Our quest to satisfy and meet social standards makes us pay too much detail to outward appearance.

Each day before stepping outside, we stand before the mirror and ensure our appearance is socially acceptable. The mirror does exactly what it’s expected to do, give you a picture of your external appearance but not your inward thoughts and feelings.

Do you feel like your outward appearance plays a major role in reflecting the kindness residing inside of you?

What happens when you get into an altercation with your colleague dressed in your favorite attire?

Your feelings get hurt, and you can’t find any consolation in your beautiful attire.

The only thing that can keep you in a balanced and cheerful state is your inner strength. To achieve this, you have to “switch on” the supernatural core inside of you, which emanates eternal overflow of harmony and stability.

Peace cannot be derived from imitation. Instead, work on your attitude, thoughts, utterances, and impulses. Take note of the tranquil buried in your heart and strive to maintain this state. This is a powerful step to creating your own destiny.

As important as our outward appearance may seem, our inward beauty plays a more significant role and is eternally permanent. This beauty is what our mind and body need and is the result we get when we “switch on” our real selves.

The heavenly beings recognize this form of beauty.

Strive to attain inner beauty by first looking for love. Train your mind to look beyond the normal ideal.

Discovering the divine beauty buried inside of you means spotting this in others as well.

Stop the imitation today.

Carefully examine yourself and foster the divine core buried inside.

Create your own destiny today.

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